Thursday, June 11, 2009

Change is inevitable

What is up with my new template?

Well, my old one got some problem with the coding so i guess i need to change it.Furthermore, i found that my old ones takes a considerable time to load.I choose this one simply because i don;t want to mess my head choosing template (actually lazy).But i kinda like this one.Simple and just one color.Black.I like black, like many people said.Black is elegant.

Some people might argue that changing template or anything else again and again showed that you are a type of person that don't have strong principle.I beg to differ.I choose to change this one because i feel i need to.Blog is like our room.This month we have this bed on the right side of the room, the table on the left side and the wadrobe beside the month maybe we want to moved the bed beside the table and the wardrobe next to the wall.We change because we need new views.We change as we offer a new horizon for our mind and personality. People always is inevitable. Nature change.nature evolve.So with this new template i secretly telling the reader that i'm a type of person that change accordingly.Based on situation, emotions and conditions that i think is appropriate.This new template show my personality which is dark, simple and fast or swift.

Well, whatever it is, my picture in the header are missing.We need to change.I still choosing a new picture to put there or maybe this time around i won't be putting any picture.Maybe i put something else.Who knows right?Whether you like it or not, it's up to you all, my beloved readerAnyhow you have to live with it just like our life.Our life change everyday, the weather, the community, the belief always, constantly change.One time for sure that we have to make sure doesn't change is the love to Allah.We all already know about that right.Changes in our life is inevitable, inavoidable or simply we can't escape.We have just to admit it, learn to accept it.

As i was picking the new template for this blog, i came across the things or changes that i hate to make but eventually have to accept is.
Here is the top ten list of changes i hate and maybe hate (in the future) the most.

10 - Size of my pants.i hate to change the size of my pants.That tells me that i have grown fatter.What a "bleeep".

9 - template of blog.the effort and time in choosing the new ones is a tired one and the page elements need to added again.

8 - Relationship status.Nobody like this right.When we married, we don't divorce.When we in loved of course we don't to clash (but some love need a break up to be better.confused?i myself don't know what i'm talking about)

7 - places.We may need to move because of the job or somethings else.i hate to move because then i had to pack things, then unpack again.

6 - weather.if from cold turn to hot or vice versa, our body can't tolerate with that and then we get flu.we got sick.

5 - Politic.people won't live forever but then idealogies stays forever.Trully i don't want changes happen in politics in this country and my home town but then, changes is needed so that improvement can occur.

4 - University.i hate changing university.You need to adapt to new friends,new lecturers, new place.i got sick already with this.God help me

3 - Cars.if it allowed i hate to change car.newer car means more money but then the old can't stay's all about suitablity and comfort.

2 - Jobs.New jobs mean new places,new boss, new partner but hopefully better salary (this one is the only thing i like).However, no one want to stuck with dead end job for the rest of life.Eventually we have to change.

1 - Emotions.Love to hate.Hate to love.Friends to foes.i really hate doing this but it a must, it's a survival.


  1. biar aku ejas blog mg li.. winston meroh 18s skotok..

  2. hahaha.tak pat aa.amek la nak rokok gak.aku wi free jah

  3. tukar go 2 bes lie... bertukar-tukar pasanagn...hahaha

  4. Hahaha.Sdp ko?demo expert jugok bab go nih deh.Ingat 'org tuh' jah ganaz tkr2 pasangan

  5. tukar jantina la kalo dah perangai macam tino gax..

  6. tuko2 pasangan r... ari ni ngn tino , esk ngn jate

  7. masham - ok gok tue.buat pemindahan alat jantina.hahaha

    zul - biseksual mu nih.gilo apo.kene telan bumi dohh.


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