Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day to all father in this world.

My father is the person that i respect the most in this world.If i ever have a son or daughter and i could manage to teach and raise them just half like my father did to me, i consider that as the ultimate success in my life.
My father taught me many things and if not because of him, i would not be who i am right now.My father taught the will to live,never lose hope, think before you do and the most common phrase he said to me was "if anyone can do it why can't you did it like them.Human has the same size of brains."I will remember that for the rest of my live.
My father and i are not that close.We talked only the important one.i am a little bit quiet at home but the mutual understanding between me and him are out of this world.I respect and grateful for he is my father.
Happy Fathers day, dad.
My dad is my greatest hero.


  1. hmmm....
    u bile lg..??
    nk wish father's day nie...

  2. hahah.insyaallah ade rezeki jd la nanti.hehe

  3. Hmm ... sapa tak sayang ayah, kan! Hepi father's day to all dads in the world!
    Including mine - Al Fatihah to him.

  4. Aiks, zanetti be ayah? Zanetti, Italy kena titik, Brazil leading 3 bijik dah ni. Lalalala. Aku fan Brazil.

  5. precious - alfatihah

    grunge - bro italy warm up je tournament nie.taknak main power2 je kat brazil menang mlm tue.hehehehe (alasan aje)


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