Saturday, June 6, 2009

Manly man

Man is originated from Adam. Man is supposed to be a leader. Man is born to be a leader. A leader of country, world, community and the smallest one, the leader of a family. Man in so many way is so different than woman. People said, for every success that man achieved there will be a woman behind that. I found that to be true. Man and woman are made for each other. For every man in this world there will be at least one woman for him. Man is unique and it takes a lot to make a man to cry and it takes even harder for man to apologize.

Man in this world is divided in many ways. The geography, races, language, religion and belief are all the factors that differentiate one man to the others. There many kinds of man and each kind have their own advantages and disadvantages according to situations and conditions. It’s up to each individual whether to like or hate a man. Some people like a man that stands to his own principle. Some like a family man. Some like a man that is caring and loving. Perception is subjective. Hate or love a man has a very thin line in between. At first you may like a man but in the end you end up hate him so much. At first you may hate him but in the end you love him so much. Trust is something closely related to a man. Man can be destructive, cruel and even evil than the devil himself but then a man can also be kind better than an angel. A man that put his religion, his god higher than everything else in this world is hard to find and is the perfect one. I myself don’t trust the man inside me for only I myself know how far I can be.

These are some of the types of man that you can find in this world. For some you may already found and maybe there are still others kinds that I have not write.
1 – Sportsman .This traits can be found in almost all of the man in this world. Man is very associated with sports in this world. Whether they like football, badminton, hockey, basketball or rugby, they are all having passion in sports. Sometimes the passions for sports are higher than the loved one.
2- Family man. This one is very lovable. Many people like this one but in certain degree. Man that put his family first showed that they love his family more than ever and has a strong commitment in their live. But sometimes there are types of man that are being control by their family.
3 – Egoistic man. Every man for himself. Ego and man can’t be separated. Every man stands for his own belief and principle. It’s good to stand for what we belief but like I said earlier there are certain degree that ego have to be taken care of. Too much ego is bad for a relationship.
4 – Hypocrite. This one is contradict from above. Man that is hypocrite to other people is the most annoying one. They can destroy a community, a family and even a civilization.
5 – Religious man. A man that put Allah in the first place. When we put Allah first then Allah will help us always. This man is hard to find nowadays.
6 – Self centered man. This type of man is much less the same with egocentric man. He doesn’t have many friends and sometimes live in their own world. People love to hate this kind of man.
7 – Playboy. Sometimes a playboy is someone that is hypocrite and has some personal issues that make them playboy. And sometimes a playboy is just like to fool around with many women. They did not realize that they had so much damages in breaking others heart.
8 – Assertive man. This type has many friends and many like to be around them. But the degrees of which a man can be with their friends have a border. Assertive man need to learn to put border between friendship and personal matters.
9 - Funny guy.This types also have many friends as they are happy go lucky with their lives. They love to lighten up others people life with their jokes.
10 – Mad man. Mad man is the worst nightmare everyone could dream of. They are destructive, crazy, and mentally unstable. Sometimes these types of man are worse than the devil. They are the ones who rape their own daughter or grandchildren. They are the one that snatch thief and cause murder. They are the one that kill their own siblings for a matter of money and love. They are the one that can’t accept rejection of love. Beware of these men. It’s hard to recognize these types as they wear a mask. They are hypocrite. They are egocentric. Their heart is filled with anger, lust and hatred. They are psychopath.

p/s –So there you have. The list of man that ever exist in this world. I really hate egocentric and hypocrite man but I myself sometimes hypocrite and egocentric. So i can say that I hate myself. hahahah. Sometimes a man need to do something that is painful at first so that the juice of sweetness can resurface from the pain and sorrow. Hate will never hide love. Sorrow will never wipe a smile. Sadness just make happiness even more memorable.

5 words of destruction.

‘Bodoh’ Fool, idiot, dumb
‘Sial’ cursed, ill-fated, unlucky, miserable, sore loser, dejected
'Penipu’ impostor, liar, pretender, phony
‘Ego’ self centered, selfish, insensitive, egoistic, inconsiderate

‘Jahat’ cruel, malicious, nasty, mean, vicious, horrible

5 words that interconnected to each other and have different meaning in different situations.
5 words bound everyone in this world.

What’s up with all this? I think I need to stop writing. My mind just gone crazy.


  1. erk!!!!!!!!!


    the connections...?? oh..

    tidak!!!!!!!!!!!!!! daku blurrrr!! erk! ngeehehheeeee...


  2. hahhaha.too many words ke?
    ade connection seme words tue.percaya lah.aku tau.sbb ade org penah bgtau kat aku seme word tue.
    setiap hari kita pasti terkena

  3. macam mana dgn homoseksual man? hahahahahah

  4. homo,gay,biseksual,lelaki lembut akan diutarakan dalam post yang lain yang lagi panas.hahahah

  5. baik!!!!!!!!



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