Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Overview for Inter reinforcement

The month of June is already in the middle and now the world of soccer is busy predicting the transfer news all over Europe. Big clubs are looking to add some players to their team in order to achieve bigger success in the stage and at the mean time looking to sell some of the surplus players. 2 big signings are already on the cart and both had been architecture by Perez, Real Madrid new President in charge. Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo will play for the Madrid club next season with the purpose to beat the power of their arch rival, Barcelona.Elsewhere, many transfers rumors involving big name still lurking and we can expect this summer transfer windows will be very busy as ever.

Inter Milan have already give views to some players that Mourinho feel are needed for the team in order to make breakthrough in Champion League.Diego Milito and Thiago Motta as good as confirmed to join Inter next season.Milito are one of the top scorers in Serie A this season although he only played for Genoa but still show some killer instinct in front of goal.Thiago Motta will add another strength in the midfield with passing ability and long range kick.

Mourinho stated that he may need 2,3 more player for this squad.In my opinion the area that need some investment is midfield and centre back.This season Inter lack some backup at the back as the first team player (Materazzi, Cordoba and Walter Samuel ) had been injured. Ricardo Carvalho may come to San Siro for next season as he said he don’t see his future with Chelsea anymore. Although Carvalho a little bit older but still he can offer some confidence and the fact that he already played with Mourinho before this(Chelsea and Porto) make him strongly to quit Chelsea. Deco is also on the verge of quiting Chelsea as it seems that he lost his touch in EPL. Inter desperately need some creative maestro in the middle of the field with Figo and Stankovic lost their skill to ages.Figo already retired and the only players capable to create something is Cambiasso.With Deco, Mourinho can surely build a team that can provide more chances to the front man especially Zlatan.

Zlatan’s future seem to be uncertain this past month but Moratti and Mourinho surely didn’t want to lose the talisman striker.Balotelli is a good striker with bright future ahead of him but he still need to learn more.So Diego Millito is a good purchase.Hernan Crespo is being sold to Genoa and Julio Cruz have not been offered an extension to his contract.Maybe Inter need one more striker to give sufficient backup for the team in worst case scenario of injury to Zlatan and Millito.

The winger may seem have some flaw.Mancini did not live up to his expectations. Quaresma is playing like a teenage footballer.Both players have good resume before this with Mancini was an indispensable player for Roma and Quaresma for Porto. Both players may need to show their true capabilities or Mourinho may need to sell them and replace with others players.i still unsure if Mourinho can give another chance for Quaresma.

Patrick Viera had been haunted with injury all season long and with Cambiasso is an integral first team member of team,he may not have the first team chance like he used to have. It is better for him to move on to other teams seeking for more playing time. Santon is being highly regard both by Mourinho and Lippi and he surely will get more first team chance next season in building his ability and skills.Javier Zanetti is approaching 36 but still can offer something to this teams. Maicon is in doubt but he will be sold with high price by Moratti if any clubs decided to bid him away from San Siro.Maxwell is being watch by Milan and Tottenham and he seem to surplus for Mourinho teams added by the rise of Santon.

Whoever Mourinho and Moratti bring next season, Inter are desperately want to make big impact on Champion League.They had won 4th in row the Serie A title and Mourinho would be glad to add another European trophy to his ‘special’ resume.Hopefully Inter can achieve better success in Champion League next season.Forza Inter


  1. Wuits, orang skang tengah tengok bola liga hapa ntah. Wa sokong Brazil, walaupun semalam hanya mampu menang 4-3 jer lawan Egypt.

  2. grunge, skang nie org tgk confederation cups kat south africa.cup nie mcm lawan winner of winner


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