Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Roy, we are famous dude.aku tak tahu nak amek gmbr mano lagi, ado gambar mu ngan aku jah, aku rembat jah.

This month cover is the trio of new wave of Hip Hop mogul in the industry called ECS (East Coast Style).The trio made up of Zulfadli (Kelantan ) and Roy (Terengganu ) have storm into the music scene with new genre of hip hop. They have mix the element of Rap, hard hip hop and the traditional music such as Dikir Barat in their first album. Many praised their new and first album entitle We Are Here.The album have achieve double platinum as it had been sold more than 2 million copies all over South East Asian. The trio also makes an impact in Japan and Europe.The trio is now under negotiations in setting their own label record.

Inside this magazine, the trio give an exclusive interview about their rise to fame.Zulfadli said they started to make show in some local gig and after entering Blast off (competition held by Hitz.Fm) they seek advice for Jason Lo and Too Phat in make this first album. Roy added that most of their song are written by their selves and focus on their own view and personal experience. They both met while they studying together in same university in Terengganu and since then collecting their own material for the album.

ECS new album have a mixture of song that relate to the life in ‘Pantai timur’ and their personal view on politics and students’ life. Joe Flizzow who contribute one song to this album said that ECS is the new wave in Hip Hop music in Malaysia. “The ability of the 2 man to mix the modern and traditional element really surpise me. They really got some talent and surely they can go further that any Malaysian had gone before”Flizzow said in one interview.

ECS said that their inspiration are Tupac shakur, Sean Combs P. Diddy and Too Phat. They are now touring in Singapore, Indonesia and Japan with Pop Shuvit and Too Phat.Roy give a hint that after the tour they might enter studio and building a new album which will raise their name even higher.Right now, they are promoting their album with Sony Music to sell their brand in Europe and USA. Hopefully they can achieve greater success in the future at the same time make our country proud.

List of song available in ECS new album “ We are Here”

  • We’re Yours (inspire by I’m yours by Jason Mraz)
  • Sound Wave (inspire by Coldplay)
  • Paw Paw boom ( from Black eye peas, boom boom pow)
  • Thinking of Me? (by katy perry ‘thinking of you )
  • Angel over the wind (feat Too Phat ) (by Meet Uncle Husin)
  • Kiss them over the handphone (soldja Boys)
  • Lips of a devil (Feat Pop Shuvit) (by hinder)
  • Don’t trust us (by 3oh 3)
  • Playboy maniac (by Ratu ‘lelaki Buaya Darat’)
  • Lose your clothes (by Eminem ‘Lose Yourselves)
  • Malaysian Sweetheart (by Fallout Boy ‘ American Sweetheart’)

ECS album are now available in major retail stores of can be download/buy online from www.akutipuje.com from only RM 40.00 per cd.

p/s segala keterangan adalah untuk hiburan semata-mata dan tidak melibatkan mana-mana samada yang masih hidup ataupun telah mati.Di tegaskan disini semua adalah rekaan semata-mata.


  1. Wa sekrang dah insaf... wa join tabligh kat nicaraguay

  2. nape xbt cover utk playboy trus?
    (sudh gila menanti result neh)

  3. roy - insaf dah ke.ish2.bgs laa.jd leh ganti ustaz akhill yang br bercerai femes tue laa.hahah

    izzah - mmg sah nie.playboy ke? laki mane leh utk playboy.org pompuan aaa.izzah nak?hehee

  4. muahahaa... lawak!

    semat ah!



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