Monday, June 15, 2009

Simple Entry.Lakers, Kelantan and nothing else

Nothing much to say actually.Got really tired this few days.hangovers for the past 3 days.Not enough sleep and no money.But hey, still having fun.That's the most important things.

The Confederations Cup in South Africa was started last night and personally i predict Spain and Brazil will enter the finals.But this tournament is just merely a warm up for some country and to give honour and testing the capabilities of South Africa in preparing in the next year World Cup.

La Lakers just won the NBA title this morning.Really glad to see that one.I got up very early just to watch them played and Kobe Bryant (this year Final MVP) didn't disappointed at all.Congratulations to LA Lakers and Kobe Bryant.he surely the greatest player in this generations.Le bron have just to wait, again and again.

Tommorrow, Kelantan will finally be able to played the league match in Stadium Sultan Muhammad ke 4 agains UPB My team.We (all the Kelantan fans) are very grateful to FAM for allowing this to happen again.Kelantan had modified all the necessary things to make the stadium a better place and surely the riot incident will not reoccur.Gomo Kelate Gomo

p/s. the last 3 post i kept playing with pictures,Normally i don't fancy picture so much but some time people need some relieve right? i'm not a kind of person who like to take picture a lot and i think that's normal.But sometimes there are some picture that grab my attentions would like to have it.Self potrait is time consuming.It's what a famous artist once said, a picture speak a thousand words.You get what i mean.
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  1. Zanetti, your English is simple and nice. Just like normal conversation. Wish I can write like you. Sungguh santai entry english anda.

  2. thank grunge.i can be better if only i'm more hardworking in class.Blog grunge tak kurang hebat gak.amat gempak.


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