Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Winding up the two way road

Firstly , the big issue the last day or two, USM error in the admission system cause havoc all over Malaysia.Since USM turn into Apex university, they got the authority to pick and choose by themselves their own students for the upcoming new admissions on this July.However, because of some technical error, they put up a list of students that is not supposedly entered USM and when they rectify that error, those name that was wrongly posted got angry,confused and sad.USM said they are very sorry for the trouble they had caused and they had passed the names that did not get to USM for the UPU.

Anyhow, i can sense the feeling for those who did not got the chance to USM.At first they felt very happy but then frustrated with the news.Who won't felt that way right?Of course you will be sad and angry.Luckily this happen early this month.By this they still have chance for UPU which supposedly able to know the result by the end of this month.

I would like to congratulate to those who successfully got the chance to enter USM.I like USM and i wondered why i did not apply for this university.Hmmm, can't think of the reason.It was great to know that you will enter university early as you can prepare all the necessary things without rushing.Once again, congratulations.

Me?still in thinking mode of working or further studying.Huh, what a hectic thinking.Dammit, if only i got more concrete reason to decide on my future or maybe there was none and it was me who all along just looking for a reason to not think.Maybe and what the hell, i just enjoy a little bit more this bored life of sleeping and eating and doing nothing.One day the decision will come fly through my head eventually.So now, i don't give a damn (in fact i do).

Z - Zoo, my life is like a zoo, an animal being caged for the purpose of others to see, can't show my full potential.I need a natural habitat and i don't know where and how.

U- Understanding the mistake that I've made in the past will surely help me in the future, i can guarantee it.Right?

L - Let go of the things that been bother all these years.i'm trying and will keep trying doing that.

F - Finding the things that you enjoy the most is not that difficult actually just a matter of chance,luck and fate and eventually the door that you've been finding just standing in front of you.

A - Angry with myself as my heart filled with anger and hatred all years on and sometimes feel that is the things that drive me to keep on living.What a dangerous thing to hold on.

D - Determine to keep all the people around me happy as always but find that sometimes in order to keep people happy you had to lose something.

L - Light that will shine my life from the god has always been there for me to grab, it's me who refused to grab it and now i finally woke up.

I - Ineffable.Change is ineffable.You have to accept it or crushed by it but the fact is change is ineffable.


  1. sape sek kite hok dapat further kat USM?
    UPU kuor dulu drp result od..
    haish! masalah masalah..!

  2. usm...rugi la pulok tak mintak hari tue,mcm senang la pulok dpt.

    hmm yang aku tau stakat nie laa (tak tahu sahih ke tak tapi ada yang sahih laa) farah,fadilah,faridah noor,yanayeir,farhani.


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