Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Godforbid thing we are again.

On this cruel evil world.

I would never again get choked

I can say what ever I want

Cause I know what I really want

Don’t ever want to like this

But the fact is still the same

No matter what I tried

I can never get enough of this hatred

What I had done

What will I do

Not even I know that

Cause the world is too big to me

But maybe I’m just too big for the world

Called me ego or something

That what I am and that’ how I lived

So for now

Welcome to the world

I sick and tired of pretending

Pretending to be a sore loser

For now I woke

Just bring on what ever may come


Seven sin won’t be enough

Cause there are seven gate of hell

This part is the best

The best is yet to come

Shut up and put the gut

Put up the best dress

Put the best damn shoes

Cause tonite

We live like we never have

Death is for sure

Count nothing for the future

The past can’t predict what we are

p/s nice damn it what ever you want..hip hop or just damn rock and roll


  1. Ni lirik lagu member Roy si Basri tu ker? Hahahaha(Devilish Laugh)

  2. waa..

    selamat bercuti..!



  3. ainul - jgn disebut basri bedebah tue.hahah

    jaa - cuti pun tak rase mcm cuti.bile UM nak kene h1n1 nih?hahaha


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