Friday, July 24, 2009

The Concept of Democracy

What we all know about democracy? We all learn it in our history lesson right during our schools’ time but do we really really know the concept, true meaning of democracy in that case.

Okay let’s look at the definition of democracy based on what I had learned and read from the book. Democracy means that’s in one nation the people of that nation are free to choose their leader and they are free to set the rules to govern themselves and the government are meant to work for the people. Democracy means the sound of the majority. The free will of speaking, choosing and do everything that the people can. That’s what I had learned before. If I am wrong in one way or another, please correct me.It will be highly appreciated.

But let’s look in our daily contexts. I know, Malaysia has a unique way of democracy.We are bound with our kings and ‘perlembagaan’. Our democracy is different than in other country simply because we are unique.We can not follow the democracy of USA. Their people, their social status, social life, thinking are very different than ours. Yes, some might argue that USA are truly democratic in a way that they are more free to speak, to choose, to do whatever they want with their country. Our constituency can follow directly like that one.We have to create our own and I think ours are slightly better (except for ISA). With the ICT that make all the information can be access faster and better, the world had become more democratic. We are no more under a dictator or some lunatic president or commander like the old days. The people are free to speak, to write whatever they want nowadays. People are free to choose who’s going to be their leaders, to represent them.Okay, let’s not going to far into the context of the nation.

I would like to stressed here is the smaller context. The context of ourself, our community, our place and our interest. Are we democratic to ourselves? Are we free to do what our hearts or mind wanted to do? To answer that question we have to look our beliefs. As a Muslim, we are bound with Islam. The set of rules that Islam bring to us are the best for mankind and can help us in the hereafter. So with this I will not argue about the concept of democracy when it is intervene with religion as for me, Islam set the highest of all. The answer to my earlier question is simple. There are no ways in this world that one man can say that he or she is very democratic. We are all bound with something. We are not free to do what we want the most. If we are too freely than maybe we are just like atheist but they also have some rules to govern themselves.

Let’s bring the scope bigger. As in university, the students are bound with AUKU. Besides that, each university had set up their own rules to accommodate their students for the best interests (they thought).People always said that the life of the students is the best one. I think one of the reason is that the life of the students involve around the age of teenager into grown man or woman (early 20’s). The students have strong will; strong character and they can easily get distracted or get angry. People also said that the life in university is too free for the students. I beg to differ. I think IPTA unlike IPTS are cagier in a way. I had to agree that some rules are made to help the students but some rules are just plain stupid. We as a student are grown up already. We can think what the best for us (some might argue that our thinking just beneficial for ours). It’s true that once the mistake is made, you can never buy that time again. This concept will never come to the resolution if being debated. The concept of democracy in the context of university, for me is still vivid. Maybe the concept is there but the application is the problem. Well, we are human, we are not perfect.

Malaysia ku gemilang
Merdekanya terbilang
Berdaulat dan makmur
Berjaya kami syukur


  1. Demokrasi maybe came from the words Demo Korupsi. Hehehehehe. Sorry bro, making jokes for your quite so serious topic. Nice entry. Future leader of Malaysia perhaps. ;)

  2. grunge -- betul jugak bro.gua tak perasan pun sebelum nie.kelibat korupsi skit.hahah


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