Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rain pouring down

The rain bring hope. Clear out the haze upon the city.

Rain bring peaceful.

i’m in KL but it did not feel that way right now. But I had to accept what fate bring me.Who am I to judge right?

Actually I was bored in UPM. Got nothing to do.To settle the assignment I need a printer.To go out and print, it was raining and I don’t want to catch cold while waiting the bus to come.

We (I and my roommate ) planned to watch some movies at cinema.But what film should I watch?Maybe I’ll catch public enemies (Johnny Depp and Christian Bale) or maybe I just watch Transformer 2 again. It’s never get bored to watch that film again and again.

Yesterday I went to ‘Hubungan etnik’ class and to my surprise, the lecturer is Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.He used to be the moderator for Forum Perdana Hal Ehwal Islam.He’s quite a public figure and I hope I will never get bored or sleepy listening to his lecture.

Well, this post is just another piece of junk.i got nothing to write.it’s so irony that there were many things happen in the world today and yet I just mumbling about myself.i need to get some boost.desperately need it now more than ever.Dear God…..


  1. wah..
    b0san terlampau dah k0?
    huhu..bes d0p public enemies?

  2. hahaha.mmg bosan tahap tinggi pun nie..tok tgk lagi cite tue..tunggu la khamis atau jumaat nie


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