Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend at KL

My flight was yesterday evening at 1220 pm from KB to LCCT...since in Kota Bharu i was so sleepy and i even took nap for a while waiting to board the plane.i boarded the plane and thankfully i sat near the rear window of the plane and arrived at LCCT around 125 pm. Upon arrival i was blur as i don't know where to go.Whether directly to serdang or hanging out with my old friends in Pantai Dalam. i contacted one of my friends and i decided to hang out with them.The reason for this was i was thinking that if i went straight back to serdang i would get bored in campus doing nothing (although there were many things to do!). i took the aero bus to KL sentral and from there my friends picked me up. KL sentral was crowded yesterday mainly because of the Manchester United tour in Bukit Jalil.

The three of us (Me and 2 others old friends from school ) went to Wangsa Maju and Midvalley.i did not buy anything and we just window shopping and ate our lunch at Carl's Junior.To our surprise, on the way to Pantai Dalam (my friends' house) there were many people watching live football match on Astro and we were wondering who was playing that evening and we came to realization that it was Malaysian National Team vs Manchester United.We hurried to home and able to catch the second half of the game where Amri Yahyah scored a beautiful lob past Edwin Van Der Sar.Man on Man, he would remember the game for the rest of his life and why? because it would be only a dream that you can score a goal like that against one of the biggest football club in the world let alone scoring 2 goals past them.Unfortunately, late in the game, Owen scored the winning goal and Man Utd beat Malaysia by 3 - 2.

i just woke up this morning after hanging out around Bangi last night with some of my old schools' college and we only return home at 4 am.You imagined how tiring and sleepy i was at that time.So i will take revenge on sleeping when i off to UPM today.

So that's all for now.Another hectic weekend in KL.need to do a lot of catchup in UPM this upcoming week or so.Need to be strong and patient with the campus life..sighhhhhh


  1. yo lo ko.nipu natam nie

  2. Campus life is hectic but it will be the most memorable time in your life. Trust me in this. This is the time where you can stay up late (even not sleeping the whole day) hanging out with friends. As time past by and as you grow older, you will become someone who need rest and enough sleep. Damn, miss the good old days when I was still young.

  3. lie... aku tgk jugk lie malaysia lwn man u... saing aku blanjo tket... saari amri score..

  4. MU dok rok cetong lwn Malaysia..

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  6. grunge - btl bro..gua dah rase 3 buah uni kat malaysia nie mmg campus life byk ajar erti persahabatan.akademik mmg core business tp social life penting gak kan.

    yeng - saari amri penyanyi laaa.

    tak kenal - man u jet lag lagi tue.anyway kene bangga gok ngan Malaysia sbb semangat


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