Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The worst and the best

3 weeks entering UPM and still the rampaging fire bun like a deep frozen hell. I’ve seen the worst and I’ve seen the best and yet until now I still reserve some point for not saying that this university is the worst I ever encounter because I still hope of something to happen. I did not know what that thing is but I really hope that It will eventually come sooner than later. Well it’s been a long time since I made up a list so now, here you are, 10 things I hate about UPM and of course in the future there will be another list regarding the things I love about this university but not this time around.

10 things I hate about U (UPM)

10 – mosquitoes – so many of them here no wonder this university is called unversiti pertanian Malaysia in the old times, maybe there are some course in veterinary or something that breed a special kind of mosquitoes that seem immune to any kind of Ridsect, Fumakilla.

9 – Café – big residence college but small café.every time I had to queue like in the holocaust camp just to get a food and worst sometimes the food are already sold out (especially in Café Kolej Serumpun).To make matter worst, the meal plan card can not be used yet.

8 – Distance – just 3 week entering here but I felt like I had lost nearly as 10 kg of walking from one place to another.Another way of losing weight is by waiting for the buses.

7 – Waiting – it seem many UPM students have a very high level of patience as we tend to wait a lot in our daily life.Whether waiting for bus to go to class,waiting for the food in the crowded café or waiting for the bus to go to commuter station.

6 – Room – VC said that UPM want to challenge USM as the Apex university but still the infrastructure for the student is just better than the boarding school. The room just like dormitory and the block is just much alike except taller and have more room but the atmosphere did not change at all.

5 – PU or better known as pembantu university - this happen during the orientation week where all of them just eager to show their superiority and did not even consider others.They thought they old enough and smart enough, they thought wrong!

4 – Buses – I had lost word cursing the buses.the schedule is totally out of this world and guess what, one morning I had to jump into a bus where there are only 3 guys on the bus which was filled by all ladies.

3 – Cheers College – sore throat + sore hand for the sake of nothing except branding and booing others.i did not know who actually started this ritual but I really hate it.Just like a bunch of school kids.We were trained to demoralize others and please someone tell me that things is right in one way or another.

2 – merit – management people love a lot about this.Students need to collect at least 40- 60 merit points in order to stay in college.This is perhaps the only university in Malaysia that really “helping “ the students. But “it’s all for the sake of students themselves”.

1 – Cars – this one is the top. Only students that is active in MTM or in the final year can bring their own cars into university area. What the fudgeeeeee!

Danke Schon.


  1. kolej serumpun ngan kolej aku mmg xsama.kolej aku makan xyah beratur,nak nek bas xyah tunggu lame sbb dah almost boleh hafal jadual dan route nye,PU pun baek cam gile baek lah,asrama pun 2 org sebilik,ok whatt..cume part bawak kete,merit mmg xleh nak tolong..kecewa kecewa..

  2. haha..xyah komplen byak2..realitinya, seme ipta kt mesia lbh kurang cam2..impressive on paper jer..

  3. kolej serumpun mmg naseb ah kafe cam tutt..dah la xsdp...PU???duh...

  4. dnie - tue la psl.amat la kecewa..kolej arnab (KC) takpe aaa.geng pendidikan sek demo

    graduan - tue la kan.sbb tue laa sistem pendidikan tinggi malaysia tak dpat nak saingi yang overseas

    senior - name je kolej serumpun tp tak nmpk serumpun pun

  5. aku mals nk tunjuk perasaan sni lie... aku setuju ngn masalah nyamk yang mg nyatakan... nyamk sni thp2 dewa blako... gemuk2 blako.. kadang2 aku konpius nyamk ko lalat.. tiap2 malam 2 keping lingkaran aku cucuh, 2 x termasuk rokok lg 2, semata-mata nk ambak nyamk... aku bukan apa lie.. takut keno malaria jah.. bukn buleh kiro sini.. nyanmk UDM lain.. x degil mcm nyamk sini... kalo ikut hati aku, nk jah bawak kelambu wak mari.. tapi cam xkolumpo plok paka kelambu...

  6. I has been to UPM hostel, I agreed with you that it looks like boarding school dormitory.

    For others, I will reserve my comments. But the booing things, I thought the students there were educated and matured enough to do school boy and girls things. Huhuhu. Cant believe this.

  7. nyamuk besar bas.
    cafe sesak dan mahal.
    seb baik saya ada awak zulfadli.

  8. owh en zul..
    ak pun kene naek bus g0p..ak phm biler takd0p kete rs cam kehilangan kaki jer kan kan..
    sila bersabar!
    ak ke stesen k0muter hanya dgn berjln kaki dr k0lej..huhu..
    bas pun bas jela..
    sab0 deh..

  9. yen - tue la psl nyamuk tiruk pun kecik lagi drpd nymuk situ.mau kering darah aku nie.roy pun semakin kurus sejak jd rumate aku.

    grunge - btl bro..gua ingat kan zaman sekolah berasrama je ade benda mcm nie tp kat u pun ade gak.ade gak laa kolej2 yang mengeluarkan kata2 kesat yg kurang enak didengari.

    roy - hahahaha.mcm gay jah natam nie

    jaa - sedap lagi tpt mu.dkt pusat bndr dah.tpt aku nie kene naik turun bkt laa, perkuburan laa.ishh2 mcm..thn ye la 3 thn

  10. bersetuju dgn semua...




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