Friday, August 28, 2009

Free from blackness

Independence day celebration is just around the corner. It’s been 52 years our beloved country celebrated independence and our country had achieve a lot since then. This time around since the independence fall on Ramadhan time so I bet there will be not many concerts or socialize party organized in KL or anywhere else but then, it’s just my predictions, other races might as well did it.
Talking about independence, what has we, as the children of the post independence know about the value of freedom? Freedom means free from any colonization if that what it means from the past but nowadays out culture are so much been conquered by other races, culture. Our country fills with “PATI”. Anywhere we walk we can see many faces and sometimes I wonder, am I the foreigner here?Yeah2 I know the globalization means that you have to accept the windows of the world into your world but then if the newcomers come and made a hell out my country so what it is going to be? It’s ok for them to work here and made a decent earning with living peacefully with the locals but the main problem is the one that cause the social problem. What we saw in newspaper and news are just the tips of the reports and I’m pretty sure there are many more cases of robbery, thief, snatch, rape, murder involving these ‘type’ of people. Mastika (August Edition) had some stories of how the Negro affecting our life here in Malaysia. Sometimes I wonder, how can they come here? With so many of them? And the usual stories that link with Negro are theft, “pukau”, money counterfeit, rape (which was at first called love).i like to gather some info from all of you about the last one. We see and find this thing in KL right? We can see a nice lovely Malay girls walking along MidValley, hold hand with some Black tall guy. I still wonder why on earth that these ladies picked and fall in love with the Negro? I means they are Christian (some might be Muslim), Black( if you want to choose black, it’s better to choose the Indian) and not handsome ( Malays are so hotter than them)? Why and How? And if their love story end with happy ending good for them but the problem is the ending just like in the 999 (tv3 program).The Negro slept with the girl and then he dumped her and to make matter worse, the girl pregnant and the child with the DNA of Negro was born. So who’s to blame here? The Negro of course, but the girls too.
What makes Negro or (in the whole) the foreigners better than the locals? I can stand Malays girls couple with Indians or Chinese as long as same Religion (I mean Islam of course), but I can’t stand if Malays or Chinese or Indians couple with foreigner. It’s like the man from our country had extinct that force them to find foreigner. The same usual lame reasons for these girls to find Negro or “Mat Salleh” are romantic, caring, loving and obviously richer. I would say it is bullshit. The story had been always having the same ending.
This is also one type of colonization and proofs that we, Malaysians still not fully achieve Independence. We always value the outside goods higher than our own local goods without ever considering the quality first.The value of Independence means nothing if just some people say aloud “Merdeka” each year and put on the flag on the car, house or office. The values of independence should come within the heart of every Malaysian and together we care and cherish this gift for the good of the future.
Happy Independence Day!
p/s – My car might not have the flag of Malaysian but in my heart, the love of this country, none can compared with. Well, I shall put on the flag afterwards. Hope all of you did the same things. The first is Islam and the second is Malaysia and I do mean “Malay-sia”.


  1. lie... jom smbt merdeka bilik aku..

  2. ni entry psl independence day ke psl gurlz yg terjatuh cinta ngan makhluk asing ni =)
    selamat berpose

  3. selamat ari meredeka..
    taun ni xdpt smbut sme2 kn..
    tnggu ketibaan org tau..

  4. yen - hahaha.apa kes sambut KC .sambut di serumpun aaa.rempit di lebuh silikon

    izzah - hahah.entry umum nie.takde kene mengena yang terdekat atau yang jauh.huhuh

    farah - sentiasa tunggu dengan tangan terbuka lagi tau.


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