Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Green Monster

I was so bored this few days and to cope with that I read again the planet hulk saga and world war hulk. For those who loved Marvel comic, I highly suggested you read these two comics.

It was about the incredible Hulk. Yes, the green monster. The comics was full in colors, out of this world and fill with love, friendship, adventure, revenge, hated and destructions. The Hulk as I know of is the alter ego of Bruce Banner and his power will get even stronger if he get madder. As the comics said, the madder the hulk becomes the stronger he will. In this comic you will get to see the Hulk battle the earth and even universe most powerful superheroes such as Spiderman, Ironman, Fantastic Four, Black Bolt, Iron Fist, Ms Marvel, Hercules and so much more but in the end none of them could match the power that The Hulk has.

Except for the Sentry. The Sentry is just like the Hulk, he is the alter ego of Robert Reynolds and his power is based on the exploding sun. You can just imagine that. The Sentry is agoraphobic whereas he is terrified of his own power and never unleashed much of his power up until his battle with the hulk at the end of the comic. In the end, it was the Hulk himself who allowed Stark aka Ironman to fire the laser from the satellite onto Hulk and finally the Hulk turned into Bruce Banner. There are many phrases in World War Hulk comic that I like such as, the one that the Hulk said before the laser hit him was “ I hate all of you almost as much as I hate myself”. Everyone in that comic try to help Hulk as they know the Hulk had clouded his mind with so much hate and angered that eventually he sees nothing except for destruction. Well, there you have it, some stories about the Hulk and Marvel comic. For those who also have some love toward the DC Comics, I would suggest you read the Kingdom Come, Infinite Crisis on planet Earth and Salvation Run.

Well, I have to list down 10 comic characters that I love the most and how about you guys? Which comic characters you love the most? (From DC and Marvel Comics. Generally from USA)
• Batman
• Superman
• Spiderman
• Captain America
• Venom
• Magneto
• The Hulk
• Wolverine
• Daredevil
• Silver Surfer

Oh yes, I had watched GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra and as the film went, in my opinion it did just good as it was predicted it would be. The film filled with actions and high tech gadgets and war. It seems that this movie just likes an introductions platform to the main characters of the Joes and Cobra and we could be expecting the sequel of GI Joe soon. The sequel of this one will promise a lot more actions and perhaps they can introduce or added more Cobra villains into that one and I can’t wait to watch that. For that, I give GI Joe 4 stars out of 5.

p/s . Got pissed off with PTPTN and tired of sleeping. It’s been ages since I played outdoor sports. Really need to get sweat.


  1. daun citra lestariAug 12, 2009, 1:14:00 PM

    sgt mnt ngan komik ek...
    but sesuwai ke ngn umo
    utk hepi2 kn n release tension kn..

  2. mesti lame d0h sek mu d0p g maen futsal 0d..
    xpe..j0gging jer di sekitar ladang tue bagi sweat sket..


  3. senang jer nk berpeluh....
    mung g klas jln kaki...
    mmg sure mung berpeluh....
    dop pom mai jln2 kat kolej aku....

  4. Wuits, bukan Marvel dengan DC skang ni kureng ke kalau nak banding dengan (apa ntah nama publisher yang wat spawn).

    Aku minat X-Men, siap still ada lagi full set card as collectus item. Kecuali special card jer aku takde.

  5. daun cinta - hahaha.biase.kalo kat us peminat komik ade yang berumur 30-an lagi

    jaa - hahah.nak jog?besar sgt doh

    zu - bkn stakat peluh kalo gi jalan ke kelas.dehidrated trs laa.dah la kene lintas kubur cina lagi,hutan2.

    grunge - btl tue bro.yang nie dah lame nie.dlm 2,3 thn lepas.spawn mmg naik gak skang nie.dc n marvel tgh buat revolution skang.cari pelukis baru n skrip baru.mengikut internet laa


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