Monday, August 31, 2009

Meal for life

I said it already. I will not take back what I had said and simply because I can’t. Whether I like it or not I had to accept it, for the best or the worst that’s the best I can do.

As we are getting nearer to the middle of Ramadhan, I have to said it. I love “berbukak puasa”.Although far from home and not having the best meal (Kelantan have the best dishes, “kuih-muih”,anyone want to argue?) still I have to admit that the experience breakfasting here kinda a fun one.4 yours ago I had experienced breakfasting in Perak for 3 years and much less the same here in KL. Well, the feeling of breakfasting at hometown is still the best but for some reason we have to enjoy ourselves right.

So what are the things you least expected to breakfasting with? We already know that dates and water are the most common and are a must when breakfasting. The others are like rice, sweet “kuih-muih” and maybe some people can’t break fasting without “ayam percik” or “ayam golek”. For the smokers obviously cigarette come first and evens some people breakfasting just by smoking. I listed down some of the things that some people did but not that common to break fasting with others (One things it is because some of these are expensive and not our culture taste, western).

· McDonald Burger

· Burger King

· Dunkin Donut

· Big Apple

· Secret Recipe cake

· Pizza Hut

· Carl’s Junior

· Kenny Rogers

p/s. Kurma Ajmal is very delicious and because of akulturation, we can see now many kinds of dishes sold at bazaar ramadhan from India,Chinese, Indonesia, USA and hopefully not Vietnam (read about Vietnamese people and you will understand this). I really miss “kek batik”. Hope can find somewhere.


  1. Petang tadi aku tengok rancangan bazaar ramadhan Samsul Ghau Ghau. Ada tunjuk kek batik. Mahal gila tu. RM1.60 sepotong. Terus kansel nak beli. Hehehehehe.

  2. sedapnye kek batik..
    nk jgk..
    kat cni xde pn

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. grunge - mak oiii.mmg mahal tue.tapi kalo sedap gile berbaloi gak kan

    farah - takde ekk.try la buat.hehehe


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