Monday, August 3, 2009

Rectify this and that

As i was reading back my old blog post i came to notice that my grammar is upside down.It was a shame.I really embrassed about this and for that i want to say that i'm really sorry for this error.It was my fault and i will surely improve my writing in the future and i will definitely take a closer look on the grammar aspect when writing in the future.

i'm really sorry.

p/s - Tomorrow morning will take my WDJ to Serdang and it's going to be the start of another adventure in KL.I really need a good and sound sleep tonight.


  1. Ops, actually, I don't think many will realize on your grammar mistake bro. As a matter of facts, your English writing is quite good. Read and write more because it will indeed improve your English.

    One thing for sure, I always wrote on words before I publish my English entry post. This is one way for me to minimize my grammar mistake.

    So, I got some information regarding the convocation. Still interested to do the business?

  2. huhuhuh....
    kamoo mau bwk wdj aka si merah...???
    boleh kah...???
    ade sticker kah..??

  3. rindu sgt kat merah..
    nnt bwk kita tau naik merah 2..

  4. grunge - yes.correct.reading a lot.about that convo, let me collect more info first and if anything come up i shall contact u by email.

    zu - takde stikcer pun gamble sudah.huhuh

    budak ayu - bleh2.nanti bgtau aa nak gi mane

  5. "embrassed" <---- typo error maybe?

  6. huhuhuhu....
    lme dop nmpk wdj...
    kekg nmpk sokmo ar...
    to farah aka bdk ayu(ayu ke)...
    mai laa kl...

  7. I are boring waited on busstand to enter bus go to k.l

  8. yup, takde org perfect..keep trying to improve yr english..bljr dr kesilapan, bro..sekadr pendpt..

  9. Sy cadangkn link-kan jg online news portal The Malaysian Insider kpd blog kamu..

  10. owh..
    wdj sudah disisi erk?
    senang r n0k p class od..
    english n0t bad lah..
    d0p mcm aku nih..
    g0od luck!

    eh eh..sejak biler mu minat kucing nie?
    byk jer gambar2 kucing lam blog mu nih?

  11. oloh pali...
    no need to say sorry..
    mg bguru ngn aku jer..hahaha
    eh nk tmpg gk wdj..
    aku pun nk round kl gk..hehe

  12. zu - tue laa .leh nmpk la wdj kat FBMK tue

    roy - sabar menunggu di komuter serdang

    anonymous - mmg typo pun tuh

    gebu - beres2..mmg kene improve sokmo

    metal - akan sy linkkan nanti

    jaa - thanks..biase laa.aku mmg peminat kucing pun.hahah.

    yan - berguru ngan mu ke? ptt berguru ngan aku

  13. grammar..? apekah..? muahahaaa..

    aku lagi sucks!

  14. btol dah ateh..
    nk wat gne budok linguistik..

    tp spe2 y ade mslah ngn
    tatabahsa bahasa melayu tnye la tieha eh..
    die pakar r..


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