Saturday, August 8, 2009

Taking Transformers into Public Enemies

The title is not a reality just a fantasy and not that I hate transformers in fact I love it. Okay, so far I had watched 3 most acclaimed movies (Transformers, Public Enemies and Taking Pelham 123) for this summer and I can recall that I also had watched Terminator Salvation and Star Trek.

In my opinion, the best movie so far (to this current date) would be Terminator Salvation. I rated this movie just higher than Transformers simply because Jon O’ Connor (played Christian Bale) was superb and the movie storyline was exciting from the beginning until the end. Bale really played his role as the leader of humankind battling with robots marvelously emotionally and physically bet all men after watched this movie want to be like him and girls want to be with him. I would give this movie 5 star out of 5.

Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen is another most waited movie this summer but all the hype and buzz is not what I was expected still the movie attract large crowd. One of the flaws that I can see from the movie is that there are too much battle between Optimus Prime with the Decepticons and sometimes neglecting others Autobots. In this movie the Decepticons had summons their robots from outer space into earth but we can just see a glimpse of them throughout entire movie. I can conclude that this movie was 4.5 from 5 stars.

Public Enemies – Hmm..What can I say about this adapted old movie? It’s a little bit boring and too much talking and the only main attraction for this movie were Johnny Depp (played the main character) and Christian Bale. Without these 2 the movie will be another failed one. 3 from 5

Taking Pelham 123 – I expected higher performance for the two lead actor in this one (Travolta and Denzel Washington) but then the ending just as predicted. I was expecting there will be some twist but none happen. 3 from 5

So I recommend Terminator and trust me you will never get bored watch this movie again and again. I’m planning to watch G.I Joe: Rise of the Cobra in next few days and I’m hoping the movie will full of action and heart stopping storyline.

The Best Movie of 2009 (until 8 August )—Just in my opinion

1. Terminator Salvation

2. Transformers : Revenge of the fallen

3. Star Trek

4. Wolverine

5. Night at the museum 2 : Battle of Smithsonian

6. Public Enemies

7. Taking Pelham 123

8. Ice age 3 : Dawn Of the dinasours

p/s – I just heard that because of the H1N1 outbreak, maybe UPM will be closed again if there is any new cases. The situation is just getting worse and because of the last week early midterm holiday, this university is in havoc with all people changing the timetable and adding with the convocation around the corner. Hopefully the outbreak will not become bigger in the future. I have a new mission which is memorizing the road in KL and so that I will not get lost with WDJ.


  1. x brkeseptn lg nk tgok seme citer 2..
    cd yg bli 2 thn lps pn x tgok lg
    tp wolverine mmg bes


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