Sunday, August 2, 2009


So, what is the meaning of tired actually? When we looked up the dictionary, it might as well describe the meaning of tired as exhausted or something like that "Fatigue (medical), a feeling of exhaustion"(taken from wikipedia).

So what is your definition of tired.i guess everyone got tired of something almost everyday.

Me? i got tired almost everything.What the heck am i saying? well i'm just a piece of crap who got tired of this world but too damn afraid to go to the next world but i mean who doesn't right? Let me give a bunch of list the things that i got really sicken tired of.

  • i got tired of listening to the cruelty to the Palestine by the evil zionis Israel.Who doesn't get tired of this one should check their heart and see does they still have heart.Just look, how many people (children and women) died by the hands of these people (Israelis)?how much damage that they have done to this world, manipulating and control the people as they like for their purpose only.yes, i got no power to stop them so i jsut can pray to God to put them in the deepest place in hell in the hereafter.

  • i got tired of all these crime in this country.What had Malaysia become?We are no more feel safe when walking at night alone even i afraid to walk half past 12 at night in the town or city.We heard everyday there are some murder here and there, we heard some raping happened.We heard some car or money got robbed or stolen.Man o man,What are the solutions for these? i can't think of one that can stop all at once because in every man heart there are devils inside them.

  • i got tired of the mosquitoes. From UDM to the new K12.i mean,why can't these insects leave me alone?i got to have some check with the people who mastered with this kind of insects.

  • i got tired of just that i got tired with the attitude of Malaysian driver.need any more explanations on this?We all experienced it already.We all read it somewhere and we might even had seen it.

  • i got tired of studying. Look, i had my SPM a long time ago and still i got to study some more.What in the world is this?For those who know me,you all can calculate how many years had i studied.Am i a dumb or fool or something in between that?Nope.i know i am not a fool and people know that so what the heck am i studying for?

  • i got tired of reading this blog.Who with please raise up your hand
  • and i got tired of writing this post so i better stop now, go to bed,get some rest and wake up early tomorrow morning.Damn, what had i mumbling all this long.Seriously got tired of this.


  1. kamoo letih....
    why dun u have some rest....?!!
    n dun 4get 2 keep smiling...


  2. Li aku letih tgk porno.
    Li aku letih tgk nyamok

  3. zu - thank you2..already had enough sleep.hehe

    roy - letih tgk jah?aku letih duk pasang ubat nyamuk tuh

  4. huhuhu.....
    bnyk ke nyamuk kat k12...???
    psg ubt nyamuk neh....
    sembur ridsect bnyk...

  5. zu - banyak dooo.nak beli fumakila best skit.ridsect susah nak kene sembur

  6. sabo ye...
    nk wat cmne dh mmg die ske ggt mnusia...
    beli fumakilla bnyk....
    kat kolej aku pn bnyk jgk tp rumet aku je hok kne ggt...


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