Friday, September 4, 2009

Presenting....the world best speaker (who am i kidding with?hahahah)

From a research, we can found that most people feared talking in front of others the most. Why this happen?well, nobody knows and maybe It’s just pure normal and human nature to be afraid when talking to others, obviously people they don’t know. I’m afraid talking in public. Yes, I had to admit. i still nervous and although I had gone to many presentation before but still my hand would be shaking like hell and my words would be trembled. I think it’s normal to be nervous on this. Everyone should be like that. I may not be the best speaker around and my friends are all better than me in public speaking but one thing I learned from all those experience in public speaking, we have to be confidence in ourselves and committed to the preparations. Whether the presentation in Malay or English, I still afraid that I would end up choking in front. But one of my superstitious is listening to Eminem “Lose Yourselves”. It helps me.yeaH. True story. Maybe others have their own but that’s how I build my self-belief an hour or minutes before the actual presentations.

Because I came from Kelate (which I am proud of it) when I deliver the speech in Malay, I can’t escape to deliver the speech in my own dialect and some people said kelate dialect sound funny especially in English. But what the hell, I can’t escape it so I just go on with it right? You want to laugh, you can laugh. It’s a free country. But remember, don’t think because my accent sound funny you’re better than me.No and hell no. I’m still better and maybe one of the best (if we are talking about Inter Milan).i know what my capabilities are and no one, I do mean no one can deny and take that away from me. I am ego and I am selfish but that’s the truth so I have to live on with it.

What am I bubbling about? I don’t know. I’m just getting bored of not having internet every day. Maybe someday this will be over. Maybe someday I can get internet every seconds and I will be waiting for that day.

I eat selfishness for breakfast. I have a lunch with untruthful. My dinner was the best meal made of hypocrisy. Well, welcome to my world!

p/s..i really need to write something about football after this. I think I really do. My inter is flying high after won the derby in stylish way.Forza Inter.Got to buy the new Inter kit this raya.


  1. lie... x sabar nk blik rayo nih!

  2. Arsenal ngn West Ham brape riyal jersi?

  3. mr dotdot pn best speaker jgk.
    pndai buat ayat lg..

  4. yen - hahahah.tue laa.aku sero nak balik selalu jah

    roy - west ham terus tue.mari rm50 sudoh.

    farah - best ke?pandai ke?hehehe.sikit2 je.hahahah(riak skit)


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