Friday, September 11, 2009

Raya Sale

it's been a while and sorry for not commenting to all of you guys blog.

this one for roy - have no idea why he support this club.

New inter jersey to buy this raya..hahaha..other people rush to buy Raya clothes but me, well, what can i do, it's cheap and i have no idea what to wear during raya besides Baju Melayu.But, i'm not going to wear jersey all Raya holiday.hehehe.

Well, my friends ask a favor to buy Man Utd jersey.well, there they are, 3 jerseys to grab.Hopefully i won't need to go Rantau Panjang to buy all those.


  1. if n0k g rantau pjg tlg belikan aku jersey inter yg c0mel itu. xpun barcelona yg biru/mar0on itu yep.


  2. sgt sweet ble kte soping kat alamanda ari2..wlupn xbli ape2..hihi

  3. free2write - bleh2..

    jaa - hahaha..sokong inter ko lonie?

    farah - tue la kan.takpe.nanti p lagi alamanda


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