Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Superman Ego

AKu bukanlah superman

Aku juga bisa nangis

Jika kekasih hatiku pergi meninggalkan aku

By Lucky Laki- Superman

Try listen to this song by the sons of Ahmad Dhani (Dewa 19).What a nice song with a lot of value inside. And one thing for sure it’s about man egoistic. Some people said that no man is an island. Well, some might be true but most of the time many men cry and we all can’t live alone by ourselves. I’m not writing this to downgrading man. Hell no! I’m proud to be a man and God knows how much ego I had. But sometimes this ego needs to be bending for the greater good. We have to admit that it is hard to a man cry and it’s even harder to see a man put down his ego and follow the softness of his heart.

Sometimes man’s ego can be ridiculous. Some man will not ever wear a pink t-shirt. Some man will not bow upon a woman although he himself knows that woman is right all the way. Some man even too ego to say sorry to other person even though he started a quarrel.

I guest some of the lyrics from the song are true. We might hear from somewhere, a man cry over the shoulder because of a woman. Well, we are not superman in that sense right? And by god even Superman cry when he had to admit that Lana Lang was not meant for him. Superman supposed to be with Lois Lane and that is the fact.

Let’s continue with ego. From my view, a man holds highly 2 things, his ego and pride. Never ever challenge a man to scratch his ego and pride. We can see down the history that many war and battle are cause by pride and ego of one man. Hitler for example, his ego and pride of being a conqueror started the World War 2.Agammenon started the war against Troy because of his pride of conquering all Greece. Spartan war started because of Spartan people will not bow to the ruler of Persian. Achilles went to war with Troy because of his ego as he wants his name to be remembered forever in the history. So, I guess you all got what I meant to say here. We as men have our ego and pride that stop us crying especially in front of others. I admit there is no harm in crying in fact it’s relieving but if you are able to make a man cry, I have to salute you as you are truly powerful. Crying is relieving, no one can deny that. Ask woman everywhere. Even worse, woman use crying as their weapon to softened the ego and pride man they have. Just like people said, no woman no cry, (Bob Marley even make a song out of this).

As for me, well, I had cried over the years, my heart always cried, and only , I meant only and rarest people will lucky enough to see me crying. You got it, I’m egoistic and I’m highly held my pride.

So before I finish writing this entry this time, I let you all have the full lyrics of the above song and you can download this song here.

Aku bukanlah superman
Aku juga bisa nangis
Jika kekasih hatiku
Pergi meninggalkan aku

Ayahku selalu berkata padaku
Laki-laki tak boleh nangis
Harus slalu kuat
Harus slalu tangguh
Harus bisa jadi tahan banting

Tapi ternyata sakitnya cinta
Buat aku menangis

Ayahku selalu memarahi aku
Jika jatuh air mataku
Kata ayah slalu air mata itu
Adalah tanda kelemahan

Tapi ternyata air mataku
Ternyata jatuh juga

Ayahku tersayang maafkanlah aku
Jika aku masih menangis
Masih belum bisa menjadi seperti
Apa yang ayah selalu mau

Kita berjanji tuk tidak lagi
Menangis karena cinta


  1. i like this s0ng.
    memang best layan!
    they r very talented!
    biler nak kasi bj nie?


  2. ja - tue aa.mmg power lah anak-anak dhani nih.haha.nanti la aku gi pnti dlm ke umah member mari aa upm nie

  3. sesuai la lagu ni ngan ahmad dhani 2,mmg nmpk ego pun

  4. jom tgk cter superman sme2..
    hihi..wlupun xrelate ngan post ni..huhu

  5. yana - ego ek?hmmm

    farah - jom..tunggu filem superman terlatest nanti


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