Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Essen und trinken

Goten Abends,

Morgens isst ich ein Brotchen mit Butter und Kotelett.Ich trinkt eine Flasche Mineralwasser.

Mittags isst ich einen Burger und trinkt eine Dose Cola.

Abends isst ich einen Fisch mit Reis und trinkt ein Glas Tee.

Keine Panik

Deutch Kann Man Lernen!..

p/s preparing for the German exam tomorrow evening and hope to get good mark according to the effort that had been put this past 4/5 months.

Well at least i had to admit that exam life is freaking damn cruel.

The minute you blew it, it will come back haunt you in the room for not trying or reading hard enough.

That feeling of not preparing enough will suck every breath in you and then left you with sorrow and fear.
But fear is nothing new.
Fear always come.
The most fearsome thing in this world is fear itself as it will blankets us to the certain aspect that we can not breath anymore.
The next thing you know, regret is your next bestfriend and admittance seems to be far away out of reach.

enough of this crappy shit.i need to get a hold of myself and make any required steps for the future.What am i bablling about?maybe because of the German notes that Hitler will smile in Hell if he listens to what i'm read about.
So long.Danke Schon.


berkata-kata lah sesuka hati....

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