Thursday, October 8, 2009

it will happen..

It’s going to be hectic weeks for the upcoming week as the final exam are closing down.i guess this university is one of the earliest university to held its first semester final exam. For me, the upcoming weeks are just one of the same like the olds. Same old dumb prick like me just had to absorb all the pressure and just trying to be relax and catch a few last breaths. Somehow I felt a little afraid and maybe because of the new environment and I know that I can be better than this. I know I can be better and because of lack of concentration I had to let myself to be drag away in this chaos of feeling. I need to refocus back and hope for the best. I got the second chance already and I won’t let it slip it away again. Ever again. I promise that to myself and hopefully I will achieve my minimum target for this term.

The Red Warrior (Kelantan) had qualified to the quarterfinal of Malaysia Cup and I really excited and can’t wait to get back to KB and watch the quarter final match at KB. The atmosphere will be one of the kind and you all have to admit that Kelantan have one of the demanding and craziest fan of all Malaysia. The match would be electrifying and hopefully Kelantan can go all the way to be crowned the champion of Malaysia. In the long term, this year success will be the platform for the development of football in the state of Kelantan and more success will follow in the future.

The registration the next semester study is open for UPM and all of the students are looking forward for next semester. But before that , need to meet with Academic Advisor and that one of things that I dislike about this UPM.Yeah2, I know all the crap about the purpose of having Advisor from the lecturer but then.. well , I’m not going to say it here though.


  1. oit..
    bdk2 UPM biler start final??
    bdk2 cni first paper 2 n0v..
    all da best!

  2. The Academic Advisor System here S****....UDM is way better...hahaha..(Devilish laugh)

  3. ja - final upm start 26 nov nie

    ainul - tue la psl.utp lagi best.takdop terus.hahah


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