Sunday, October 4, 2009

money money money

Yup..The scholarship had been received by the students in all universities here in Malaysia. And lucky for me (as the second group ) got the money before Hari Raya. But unfortunately….that’s will be another story.

We can see when the students received the money (doesn’t care if it is PTPTN, Mara, JPA, PETRONAS), they surely go out buying and doing something with that. To those who do not get scholarship, well, they already received a lot from their parents. Lucky for them. So let’s see, what are the things that students usually did with their scholarship money.

Things that students normally and usually did with their scholarship.

Eat at fast food franchise. Well, this is obvious isn’t it? Just check KFC, McDonalds. Most of their customer would be students.

Went to cinema – This is true mostly to those couples out there. What is the better way to spend the money aside spending it with your loved one right?

Buying new HP – No students no HP (this may sound a little bit cliché but it is true although there is tiny, tiny possibility that a student does not have HP). Hp is a must right now and when the money come, why don’t we just upgrade the HP right?

Buying books (I meant any books not only academic books). For the nerds, money means more reference book although I’m not exactly the type of nerd students but I think I do know what they are thinking?

Settling old debt – no need any explanation on this I guess. We need to settle down old debt so that we can make new debt in the future. hehehe

Repairing vehicles (to those who own a car or motorcycles)- Some people said that a car is like a second wife for a man. I guess in one way it is true. This is because the car always there when we need them. But if we neglect them for just a second, they might turn their back on us and we might get in trouble (accident).So, we need to take good care of them and believe me, car maintenance is very costly even the basic one. Been there done that.

Upgrading laptop or PC (even better buying new ones) - PC is a must for a student. Enough said already but most students use PC for playing games and watching movies.Just go to plaza Loww Yatt and you will be blinded with all the IT items

Shopping - New Pants, new shirts, new shoes, new bags, new watch, new wallet, new sweater. The list will continue on and on….


  1. aku telah abis rm1000++. ebay punye pasal

  2. g0ne aritu?p tgk wayang d0p?huhu..

  3. duit..? haish! beban yg sgt berat!


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