Sunday, November 22, 2009

Can't sleep even it was raining cat and dog outside

Yup.That's right.i can't sleep last night while i was writing this post, i still awake from yesterday morning.Believe it and i, myself wondered why can't i slept last night.i didn't drink coffee last time around and i still can't figure it out what in the world that make me this sober.My eyes was like it was going to be an exam tomorrow.Hopefully i can get some sleep this morning.
By the way, the rain had stopped, temporarily and it had been raining cat and dog for almost 3 days now.i didn't go out much lately because of the rain but this coming week really need to get fresh air outside.Hopefully the sun will come out more often.The monsun season is upon us and got to thrive with it like usual.i'm just like the cat above, just sitting by the door hoping for the rain to stop and played outside.yeah, yeah the red car was there to be drive but it 's a little bit dangerous to drive in this raining condition and besides no one want to catch cold right.

Last night, at 1 am, as usual i watched my favourite team played and gladly they won.And they do it in style.They won by 3 goals and last night match was seen as a preparations for upcoming Champions League match with defending Champion, Barcelona (this wednesday morning).For full match detail about Inter game last night with Bologna, you can read here and here or just go here.

Last night also there were many football matches played around Europe and i can get happier as Astro Sports package now offer new channel (Astro Supersports 2) which give more football coverage beside adding to NHL, NFL and a whole lot other sports.Well this will keep me occupy all this semester break.

Just hoping the rain would stop but then i can heard outside that the rain started again and it's going to be cold morning like yesterday and day before that and the day before that.Well, what can you do right, just live with it.

Happy Sleeping and beware of the flood.


  1. sgt ssh nk tido ek..hmm..cbe tau tido..

  2. farah - okies.nie br bgn tido petang..heheh

  3. hepi eating ok
    blik upm nnt nk tgok sume gemok2
    tpi buncit xdiperlukan
    dh buncit sgt dh tu =)

  4. izzah - laa.mmg seme nanti balik gemok je sbb mkn n tido dalam hujan2 nie


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