Monday, November 2, 2009


A boy was killed years ago. The killer shot multiple gunshots at the back and legs of the boy while he was walking down the road. The boy died 2 hours after being taken by a passerby.

A teenager was killed by the same killer on early morning of New Year eve. This time around the killer used a Swiss knife and cut the teenager’s throat while he was asleep. The killer then craves many bruises onto the teenager’s body such as leg, hand and in the face leaving the teenager almost unrecognizable. The autopsy showed that the teenager died 4 hours after struggling with the cut deep throat wound.

A man was killed months ago. The suspect for this killing is the same killer who killed a boy and teenager years ago. This time however, the motives still unsure just like the older one but the victim did somehow manage to leave a trace of struggling with the killer before he died and there were two patterns of blood at the crime scene. The victim died before of serious head injury after being suspected being hit by something hard on the head from behind. The killer also stabbed the victim after he realized that the victim did not die immediately. Autopsy report showed that the victim, a young man died in the hospital around evening.

Beware of this killer as he might be some psychopath and live among decent civilian. Below is the killer’s writing after each killing.

The heart and mind fight each other

Everything is power hunger

Some rip apart slowly

Some burnt instantaneously

Which is the best?

Heart broken or mind broken?

None is least preferred but life is making choices

Crying can’t help

Hurting does nothing

Shouting making things worse

Silent is not gold anymore

Something, somewhere, sometimes, somehow

Everything is blurring

Hope and destiny just another name

The end is not effable

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