Monday, December 14, 2009

Movies for the holiday

Chrismas is upon us but we are not going to celebrate that right? What the hell, my english is so bad that i don't know how to write a nice opening for the entry.i try to give a shot anyway.

First and foremost, congratulations to Raja Nabilah who successfully married to Mat Kairo last Saturday and hopefully they will happy ever after and next stop to Nabil will be getting the first child.I and some of my friend went to her wedding and thank you once again for invinting us.Some of my friends still shocked learning to know that Nabil getting married but who hasn't right?i guess she got married quite early but hey, if you got someone you love, some money, why just postponed it?Another friend got married already, and now everyone of ex-Dip TESL must be counting when they will get married and don't forget to invite me.

I will not going to mumbling about football this time around although there are many matches this last weekend.i guess i will talk about that in the later post.This time around i 'm going to deliver my personal comment on some movies i'd watched at home along this semester break.

  • bedtime storiesThis movies was Adam Sandler another masterpiece and we al have to admit that Adam Sandler is one of the kind comedian in Hollywood.I'm not going to reveal the sinopsis of the movie here but let's just say you will never get disappointed with this one.It has humor, family values and more humor with a lot of fantasy. i laughed and laughed watching this one.My verdict for this one - have to watch.
  • He just not that into youi had been searching for quite sometime for this movies as the casting of actor for this movie are one of the kind.Let me list to you the cast actor - Jennifer Anistor, jennifer Connely, Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johansson.See, what a line up you have there.this movie is a romantic love story with friendship values and the lesson in life.Quite unhappy with the plot actually as it's a little bit slow but the script was superb.To those love romantic story, this one is almost perfect but for me Serendipity is still the best romantic movie of all. My prediction - you can watch if you got nothing to do.
  • Law abiding citizenThis one is action movie.Jamie Fox and Gerald Butler (the star of 300).To those love adrenalline rush movie and love of killing and non-stop searching and arguing, this movie is perfect.Jamie Fox again show why he is one of the top actor in Hollywood and Gerald Butler this time around played as a villain and he deliver quite a good one.My prediction - almost have to watch
  • Citizen KaneWhat more i have to say about this movie.This movie is old school one.If you google the citizen kane anywhere, you will see that many website and film critic rate this one as the best film of all time.this movie is made in 1941.Yes, you heard me and don't ask me where do i get this.i had been searching for this one almost 6 to 7 years already.i watched and trully believe that why people said this movie is the best of all. The plot, the script, the background is almost flawless.But maybe some of you disagree with me after watch this one.The best movie is not movie filled with a lot of woman, a lot of explosive and a lot of sex scene or humor, but the best movie is an art which reflected in its plot, dialogue and camera shot. My prediction - have to watch if you called yourself a movie maniac.
  • SurrogatesI love this movie simply because Bruce Willis is the star.This one is based on sci-fi and quite like the movie i, robot. There are some actions and the twist is almost almost perfect.Well, i'm tired of writing already so let's just cut to the chase right?My prediction - you watch if you feel bored.
  • papadomOne Malay movie that i had been dying to see for the past 2 month.Afdlin Shauki deliver another piece that surely make him as one of Malaysia's brightest film director and actor.i found that some element of the film is like Bollywood movie and maybe some element (the university lifestyle) too similiar with Hollywood movie.however, the movie is full of value and soft humor.Good to watch with family and it's show that Malaysia film industry isn't that bad at all.My prediction - if you a Malaysian, find, download, copy and watch this movie.
  • The Ugly TruthOne masterpiece of Katherine Heigl and Gerald Butler.i like this one.Gerald Butler who we know from 300, played in a romantic movie. This movie however contain some nasty word but hey that's is why the movie is called ugly truth. To those love romantic, comedy film, this one is for you.My prediction -almost have to watch.
Next movie in my mind?Sherlock homes.I have been meaning to see 2012 but then some of my friends rates this movie is useless and too much hype.Well, Happy watching and downloading.

p/s ..some of the film above i downloaded from this website.i got it link on the left sied of this blog.I had been searching for this movie..Chal mere bhai..yes indian movie.But hey, there are some hindustan movies that are good and almost at par with Hollywood right?


  1. Movie baru..donlod bebyk...leh wat layan sem depan...bior makin lingkup pointer aku...hahaha..(Devilish laugh)

  2. budak2 UPM p0inter sume ganah2..

    next wil be ur turn aftr Nabilah br0..



  3. ainul - hahah.bleh2

    zu - bleh2.takde hal

    jaa - turn aku ko?turn mu dulu lah.huhuh.aku wi ko mu dulu deh


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