Friday, January 29, 2010

Inter Milan once again the emperor

It's been a long time since i wrote about football on this blog simply because i got limited time in the online world.
Well, Inter Milan beat AC Milan n Juventus this week and clearly Inter had shown people that they are still the strongest team in Italy and hopefully will gain more respect in Europe this season.
With the addition of Pandev, the attacking power of Inter raise even more greater than before.Eto and Milito had shown before that they will rip apart all the defenders in Serie A and surely Chelsea will pay more attention to them this month when they meet in the Second Round of the Champion League.I really hope Inter will gain more success in Europe this time around.

Got so many works to do and a lot of thinking this past and next couple of weeks.Really  excited to wait the next 2 weeks and always pray for the best from GOD Almighty


  1. 0itt!
    lame d0p update huh?
    pe cer skunk?

  2. jaa - tue la online duk serdang tue.macam biase je skang nie


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