Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sometimes it had to go down that way

Ciro Ferrara was sacked last night by the Juventus board of director after failing in the Coppa Italia, sit at sixth place in the league and crashed out in the Champions league.He was one of the young manager there is in Italy and like mourinho said, "people should show more respect toward him and give him more chance and patience".

Well, sometimes things in this world have to go down that way i guess.Sometimes you are in the top, sometimes you are in the bottom.No exception, all will suffer the same.What a cliche' phrase that is right?But i guess , what the hell.Juventus need to do sometimes before it's gone even worse than already is and someone had to cut some slack and that person was Ciro.

In real life the same things happen. Whether you like it or not, you have to face the consequence and the 'reality'. We did what we think right at that time and it doesnot matter what others thought as long as we are brave enough to meet the end result of our earlier actions. The heart and mind seem like in a same boat all the time but the fact is, both of them always searching for the loophole to take control of the soul and body of a person. We often feel like our hearts tell the other and our minds tell the other way around.The conflict rise from this sometimes too great that even a strong man cry on his feet.Trust me, i know all about it.And don't be a hipocryte, not accepting this truth.I speak of the fact and i know all about it.

This week, another round of Serie A will continue and Inter will face Parma with Sneider and Lucio both will absent because of the red card.However, Inter will be prove too strong for Parma and surely Inter will gain more points at the top of the table. I really miss watching live football action on tv.i can't wait to get home another fortnight.

I really miss her
Oh God it is true
My soul is ache
so painful
so wonderful
this awful feeling
eating me inside out
Yet i still smile
maybe just for a while
cause tomorrow
i'm going to borrow
some strength 
some motivation
to face the reality
to cast the past
to wonder the future
i'm not going to lose
i know i wouldn't
eventually this will end
in the most tearful manner
for i'm just a human
i'm no superman

p/s =reh ssim yllaer i.hcum os reh evol i


  1. adus,,jiwang d0wh..
    i mis s0mebody t0o +_-

  2. urm.i heard s0me bad news fr0m Ladang.btw,b str0ng 0ke!

  3. emm..pali..b strong..everything will be ok=)

  4. jaa - hahaha.jiwang ko

    taq - meme strong dah pun,hahha


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