Monday, February 15, 2010

Duck or Rabbit

Is it a duck or a rabbit?

Look closely.

I watched my favorite tv show last night, How I met your mother and on this show, Ted shows to Marshall, Lily and Robin the same picture and pop out a question, is a rabbit or a duck?

I guess we all have come upon this scenario before. I mean, sometimes in our life we see sometimes differently than others and every once in a while we might change our whole view on that things. Maybe some people might say that the picture above is a duck. A duck is cute. With white fur, duck is innocent. And while some people might said that it was a rabbit. Rabbit is also cute. It has White fur also. Rabbit is fast, duck is good in water. Rabbit has long ear, duck has long mouth. So, which one is the best? No one knows I guess. It all depends on how we perceived it.

We see something entirely depend on how we believe it. Sometimes we see that if that people wear nice shining shoes, we guess that he /she might come from a wealthy family, but maybe we are wrong, she/he might stole that shoe. Sometimes we look at someone and see he/she always smile and we guess she/he always happy with herself or himself. We might wrong, he/she might actually cover his/her feeling and maybe he/she is depressed over something. Something we might see someone is good, but maybe at the future, that someone might actually be a bad person. No one knows right?
But that’s life I guess. It’s all about choice and risk. We are make choice every single second in this life. We choose to sleep instead of studying. We choose eating over exercising, we choose blue instead of green, and we choose 3 instead of 4. We all risking our choices and sometimes the risk is so huge we might even conflicting with other people. At the end of the day, the risk is somehow worthwhile. Pain and sweat taught us the bitterness and sweetness of life.

To end this, I leave all of you with the same question Ted asked in How I met your mother ?

Is it a rabbit or a duck? 


  1. kalu rabbit telinga pjg, pendgran jelas..kalu duck, mulut byk..hehe...

  2. anis - satay arnab sedap jugok. gulai itik menjilat jari

  3. hahahhahha.....
    aku nmpk dua2....
    duck n rabbit......

  4. I see BAT. [ ayat bruce wayne ]


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