Wednesday, February 3, 2010

one more - Was ist Heute los?

Vergiss Mich Nicht..

Yes. One more week before mid semester break. Really looking forward to that. A lot of places to attend (friends’ marriage), a lot of sleep need to cover (like hell I did not sleep at hostel), a lot of surfing need to do (limited coverage and internet usage in K12), a lot of football need to watch ( ohh yess. really miss my inter).

So there you have it. But I know, my short holiday will not be a pleasant one simply because there are many assignments need to tend to. I will bring many books this time around and hopefully will be able to finish 60% of them. Surely I can’t finish them all in a week.

Well, after the break, the more challenging task will lay upon us. For me, it will be a daunting journey. One good reason for that is money. Need not to elaborate on that I think.

Why is my writing had become more and more loose this time around? I don’t know. It’s like I am writing like a 8 years old boy again. Forgive me for all of this. I will rectify my writing and English shortly.

p/s Just got back my poem from Lim Swee Tim. Not that bad I think. I and only, original..


Kesetiaan mu tiada tandingan

Kegagahan mu tiada sangsi

Hanya kepada Ramayana kau berserah

Menangkis anasir jahat

Melawan lautan durjana

Ciptaan Sang Rawana


rekaan Dalang

mainan wayang kulit

menghiburkan orang melata

diiringi paluan gendang

warisan tradisional turun temurun


14 Januari 2010

UPM Serdang, Selangor


berkata-kata lah sesuka hati....

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