Friday, February 26, 2010

What are we searching in this life?

A billion ringgit question. Surely each one of us must have asked this kind of question to themselves, to their families or simply to their friends and lovers. There are many kinds of answers and each answer will lead us to something. That something is what drives us to continue our life. Each answer have its owns pro and contra and the risk we took the minute we answer the questions above, sometimes too great that might even leaves our life in bad shape. But sometimes, the pain we took from answering the question will gives something so sweet that only we appreciate it.
Some people might think many kinds of ways in answering and strive to achieve the answers but in the end all results are just the same, what are the things that make us happy in this life and hereafter. Some of the roads that we took in order to achieve what we think and predict is the best for us are not suitable or in more correct way to say it, wrong to others to take and sometimes the road that we took might intertwine with others road and lead to conflict between us, ourselves and other people. That conflict in the end, if treated properly will bear something unpredictable that sometimes might be good for us. In the end, we ourselves are to blame for whatever consequences we meet in this life.
So let’s get back to the question again. What are the things we search or want in this life?
Some people are crazy for money and power that they do whatever it takes as long as they get what no matter what way, right or wrong and lastly end up getting what they all deserve.
Some people had gone insane just looking for the perfect love or simply looking for the passion that they believe will make them happy until the rest of their f$&***** life. Some might had found it, some might never found it and for some, the love that they had been searching all their life is just sit there in front of their face but they just so f#@&%!* blind to see it.
Some people just dream to have a good health, have good and best friends. Some might put their lives to others to lead them to the correct way. There are many kinds of reasons and so many reasons behind that reasons. Some reasons are just too damn good to be true and some might just f#$%&*@ unbelievable.
For whatever reasons we based on in responding to the ‘questions’, we all should never look back at the past. I had tested it. Hell, I had lived for that. Time is not something we can buy and I guess everyone know that. All we can do is just looking at the future and hoping we will never f#$% ourselves again. Everyone is responsible for their own life. That a fact and screw me for saying this, I am my own worst enemy cause no one can makes us for what we are right now. Just think about it. I know I write the truth. I had already fed up of all the hypocrite bullshit that I had made all these years.  
So what I can urge you to do now is, find the f$%^&*@ answer to the question above and you all shall live much better. The answer might not come swiftly as we all hope for but the purpose of this life. It is a journey. I’m still searching for mine and hope to find it soon although I know the real answer might never be reveal for until I die. I’m done doing. I’m just f$%^&*^ tired of all the bullshit in my life. Not that I regret everything I had encountered but simply, I’m just fed up. I’m give up already. No more, enough said already. I had tried all I could to find the answer but in the end, I still left with nothing. What’s more can I do? My life is like one hell of a mess. Too great that I drowned and felt like I can never breath the air again. One point, my mind said enough, my heart said no more. Just need to turn the leaf now before it’s getting too late. I know I missed a lot of things. There comes in our life, we regret doing something and in my life, I only regret just one $%^&%#@ things. This one thing had become the torn in my whole life and had build be the strength from hatred and anger. Just let me be this way as it might be the best there is. There no other #$%@!$% way. I $%^$#@ myself real bad and that is the fact, the truth and no one can ever mend it. I had been pretending to someone else for a long time and now it’s time to wake up the old one and hope for the best. Even after this I’d be called son of a gun, an arrogant bastard or simply a stupid m#$%%^&&, I don’t give a crap anymore. I wouldn’t give a damn.
Until then..Answer one more questions…How are we going to find the answer to the one question we had been searched all our lives?


  1. yeng berkopiah...Feb 27, 2010, 5:08:00 PM

    segala isi dunia hanya menjanjikan kelalaian dan bersifat keplastikan saja lie...kejarla keberkatan Illahi, cari CINTA Allah, insyaallah hidup tenang, dan bermatlamat....

  2. yer pali..btol 2 kate yeng berkopiah..
    ayuhlah kita...=)

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  4. saya suke kate2 org berkopiah itu

  5. yeng - terima kasih yeng.berubah doh yeng lonie.pki kopiah..anta external hd rumate aku cpt.hahah

    taq - ayuhhh

    farah - bagus la gitu..suke gak


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