Monday, March 15, 2010

Choosing Sides..Lex Luthor or The Joker

Nothing to write actually. I was at library just now and just surfing into some info that needed to finish up all the assignments. The dateline is fast approaching and some of the assignments are still stuck at 50%. I really need to boost the mind and energy so that all works will be completed before the dateline. The most troublesome work is the literature.So many things need to look out and do the research. Luckily, this semester, i only got 3 papers for the final exam. No more headache when the final exam week come.

What with the picture up there? Nothing, just excited about the comic books that once i read about all the villain in the DC comic worlds. i guess everyone know two of the most evil, psyco and popular, The joker and Lex Luthor. The joker is the nemesis to Batman and Lex Luthor for Superman So if we got to choose, which one will we'll follow. I rather go with Lex as he has the most evil mind of all. i guess i will be safer with him although i know he will use everything and everyone around him to achieve his true goal.

So this week i will be back home for a while. Just for the weekend. My friends will get married. Can't wait to get home relaxing mind and body. But before get back need to finish all the work first. This wednesday. Chelsea vs Inter, the second leg of second round of Champion league. Hoping to watch that game. 


berkata-kata lah sesuka hati....

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