Friday, March 5, 2010

Man & Entrepreneurship

What makes a man, a man?
His origin? His past? His condition? His action? His physical? His mental’s toughness? His money? His properties? His family? His family? His appearance? His education? His job? What is that makes a man, a man?
Well, who suppose to answer that? I don’t know. Maybe only God knows the real answer. Maybe a man can be defined by his religion and his faith to what he believes. And who is better to know that. I guess no one will know that for sure except for God Almighty. For me, what makes a man, a man is what he chooses to do. Some people might say that we can’t go backward and we only have to go forward. I think that’s wrong. We can go wherever we want and whenever we want. We are what we are chosen to be or to do. The point is where we want to go. Some place we had gone is terribly wrong, and some are just too damn beautiful to be described.  In the end, all that matter is what we choose. Many factors we have to rely on in making those decision, religion, law, friends, lovers, parent, money or simply time and condition. Just like what I said in the older entry in this blog, what makes a man, a man? For me, it’s his choice and the consequences that he lived his whole life with it.
This past two weeks, UPM had been struck with a fever, a fever named MGM (entrepreneurship /keusahawanan). Many students, put up their hardworking, their creative ability in fulfilling the course requirement and at the same time experiencing what it’s like to be in the business. Some of the popular place UPM students choose to do their business are Latar Siswa, parking area near CIMB bank, café serumpun  and Dewan Kuliah 1,2,3,and 4. The last place is specifically chosen to do the car wash business. Some of my friends had already done their car wash there and others still to come. Some of my friends also had opened up booths near the CIMB bank selling many types of foods (corn, roti john and others..just what I heard, I promise I will go there next week, this week is too hectic doing the Futsal intergroup).Some also opened up booth at Latar Siswa selling nasi lemak, dadih (not dadah..Handmade by students themselves..Although I’m not into dadih that much). Well, congratulations to all. Me ? I still don’t know when will I start my business or maybe does not opened at all. Who knows right? Hopefully all have gained a very valuable experience in the business world that none will be taught in class or from books.
p/s..i also got some info that others university have the same course (keusahawanan),and maybe they also had experienced a pleasant and memorable moment selling something this time around. Good luck to all and never give up.
Next week, the test will start to come up and had to do a lot of reading and catch up. The same goes with completing all those assignments that had been frozen on the table for months. The dateline is getting nearer and nearer each day still, the works progressing very slowly, need to find motivation and catch a breath to release the maximum potential ability. I end with Assalamualaikum.


  1. ak abs doh car wash arini pali..huhu

  2. mengape d namekan ASAS keusahawanan pn izzah xtahu.sbb yg izzah tahu asas bermaksud perkara-perkara yang paling kecil dalam satu unit yang besar. tpi MGM kump 17 semacam bukan asas lagi.xtahulah kump lain d ajar bagaimana.

    hmm pelik2...

  3. taq - berjaya dok car wash tuh?

    izzah - biase la tue.upm nie penuh ngan benda2 pelik..pelajar pun ramai yang pelik


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