Sunday, April 25, 2010

Confession of Interisti

Black and Blue. The color that being associated with the great club in the north of Italy and a person millions mile away in peninsular of Malaysia. Yes, for those who did not know what I am talking about, I am referring to Inter Milan and me. I guess everyone know that I fall in love with Inter Milan since I myself did not even remember. Why I love this club?

Well, some man support the club because of its player, its locations, its manager, its successful history. For me? I am really sorry because I guess it’s just like destiny. The moment I set my eyes on Inter Milan, that moment I know I had become the diehard fan of Nerazzuri aka Inter Milan. Many people asked and even mocking me,” Why do you support Inter?” There are so many others successful club out there in the world. Many people support Manchester United, put their lives for Liverpool, stand side by side with Arsenal, and sacrifice their sleeps for Chelsea, having joy cheering for Barcelona or proud to be the fan of the most successful club in the world, Real Madrid. Me? Well, I just happen to like Inter Milan.

So how we are going to recognize the diehard fan of some football clubs. Some people said buying the jersey. I already bought that. Hell, even every year I bought Inter Milan’s jersey. Original? I have one. Others? I am not that rich you know. Watching on tv.Check that. Although Inter lost or draw. I watched all of them (when I had time obviously). Merchandise? I had a few. So I guess that makes me a diehard fan of Inter.

Finally, can't wait to this wednesday where Barcelona will entertain Inter in the second leg of the Champions League Semi Final in Nou Camp. What ever happen that night, it does not matter anymore.Surely Barca will play like out of this world and maybe just maybe Inter will triumph again and with that Inter will be going to Madrid for the final this May.Lost or Draw, i just don't care, people this time around had to admit that Inter had showed their potential in Europe stage.Forza Inter

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