Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It is time, i have to go now.

Really? But why? You are still needed here.Please, don't go. Don't abandon us. We all need you.

No. Someone else will take over me. Someone better. i will go to somewhere else.

No...noooooo.What about us? After all that we had been through together?

It's fate. Fate bring me here and now fate push me to other places.

Okay.How are we going to live without you?

Someone better will replace me. He will give you something that i could never give.The world..

But, you are so close to achieve that here.

Yes, but still, it does not enough. i will be better. You all will be better.

Okay..we are really sad with this

i know. Me too. So long and good bye

Good Bye, hope to see you again someday.

What's that all about anyway? well, it's just the dialogue between a manager and his football players.ahahhahahaa.Look so deep right? Well. Just trying to mess with the words anyway.Football is beyond the matter of life and death. It's something more than that. Bill Shankly said that, a famous successful Liverpool manager of all time.Yep.Football again, i can't help it.Just accept it.haahhhahha

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