Saturday, April 24, 2010

Waiting for film

Really upset as for not getting the chance to watch the most anticipated movie this year, Iron Man 2 that will be out on 30th April. Why do my papers finish early this semester?

I guess i just have to download it somewhere in the web. Tony Stark...Fight well.

Another film everyone had being waiting is,Avatar..Nope..This is not the sequel to the avatar movie which tell the story of some planet alien but Avatar, the last air bender.

Yup. the cartoon turn into movie and guess who the director, M Night Shyamalan..Already finished watching all the cartoon series and it was worth it..every second of the story is pulsating. Really hoping this movie going to be hit and in my mind, it's been a while since we all enjoy a blockbuster Shyamalan film , right? Do you all still remember The Village? Unbreakable? and surely the masterpiece of all, Sixth Sense.


  1. aik,kelate xd0p cinema k0?hehe..
    besh3..ader dum0h doh.

  2. jaa - ada nada perli disitu yee.Terengganu pun takdop cinema gok.hahah.takpo Kb tgh buat TGV nie.


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