Friday, May 28, 2010

Branded guilty

What a nap just now. i had a nice afternoon nap on Friday evening. Although it's a little bit hot right now but still who can resist the temptations of sleeping. Hahah.

Back to the topic. We all had to admit that in our life right now, we are the slaves of consumerism.  We hunt for the brands. We are being targeted by rich and powerful company to buy their products. We are trick by their evil advertisement, time and time again. I also admit that i constantly look what others wear, what celebrity wears, and tried to be like them, trying to buy what others buy. In this world right now, our eyes always being deceived by what our mind had been fed into. TV and internet are the medium of this problem.

So, what we do? We still buy although we already know the truth. Some people said the more you pay the more you get. In term of quality. But i beg to differ. There are only few things like that. Others are just marketing trick. The same.

Okay, fun part. I like to list down now some of the brands that we must get to be able to fit with the society. At first. In the end of the day, we will realize that we really need to consider our buying power because we ourself determine the product not the other way around.

So here goes nothing.

  • Apple

On of the world biggest name in Technology. Everyone must have this brand. Whether it is macbook, ipod, imac, iphone and now the newest sensations, ipad. Quality terms, this brands offer the best in the market.That's why the price is higher than others. Right now, iphone is the next thing in Malaysia. Everyone want to be cool to have iphone. i also want them. Really really want them. yet, i can not afford it. Yet. But still, those who have Apple gadget, they are lucky.
  • Levis

A must have name for jeans. Well known. We all must have at least one Levis jeans in our locker. It's like a need. Although there are others names, Edwin, Evitsu or Paul Smiths, none can compared to this brand. Quality wise they all they same but Levis is more popular because they offer many kinds of style and much cheaper compared to Evitsu and Paul Smiths.
  • Prada, LV, Gucci

This one for the girls. I just mention 3 names that cross my minds. I know there are many more branded names for shoes, bags and accessories. Every girls want to have a prada bag or gucci bracelet. i guess.i never know. 
  • RayBan, Oakley

Sunglasses. An important accessories in our lifestyles nowadays. Me? never had a sunglasses. 
  • Adidas and Nike

This one is really close to our people, if not for me. Adidas shoes for futsal. Nike sandals. Tracks suit from Adidas, Inter Milan Nike Jersey and Nike cap. These two brand are the monster in sports department.Every one must at least have one item from them. i had, have and will always have them. One of best product was Nike sandals. ACG Nike sandals. Really love it. Miss them. A few yeaers back i bought and wore them. To this day, they are the best there is.

  • Dockers

Khakis pants. A little bit expensive compared to other brands but still, the best. The style, the quality. I once have a dockers Mobile pants bought around RM200, one of the features was that it have 7 to 8 pockets. Imagine that.
  • Topman

The shirt. Many of my friends really love this brands. UK. This brands largely for slim people. People like me? Never got the chance to wear them. If did, my large stomach will be visible to the public humiliations. Hahahah.
  • Clark, Converse, Timbaland, Gola, Macbeth.

Whether it is for fun, work or simply for school, shoes redefine the person. The punk wore the DocMartin. I even had a red converse shoe in school. Looking back, why on earth did i have a RED shoe. Clark is the best shoes for work, some said. I never had them. Right now, only have Timbaland sandal from Rantau Panjang (RM15) ahahaha. i found Zara, DKNY and Gucci shoes back at Rantau Panjang. The design is superb. The price is ridiculously cheap (for the brand like that..and of course it is counterfeit)

  • Swatch, Tag Heuer, Guess

Wristwatch is really important for a man. Nope, for every one. They give the person confidence. Swatch is more stylist. Guess is about quality. Tag heuer? The price is out of my range. One of best watch brand is Fossil. Right now, i got Polo (really meaningful) and Guess watch. The best, the special. But really miss a Swatch back in early days of UTP, broken already but the design is unique. Till this day i never ever seen that design anymore.
  • Honda, BMW, Mercedes

The car. How anyone would forget about the car. Need more elaboration on this one? i guess not. Who does not want a Honda Civic, A BMW 3 series or Mercedes SLK? The only problem is the price and that problem is the biggest.hahahah

p/s in the end, i got some nice items at Rantau Panjang or simply just at bundles. i once got a futsal shoe for just RM10 and still can be used for quite some time.In the end, it's what we all choose. Don't be a slaves to brands.

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