Sunday, May 16, 2010

Double now going for treble.

Yes..For those who have not heard it yet, inter had retained the Serie A title after beating Siena in the last game for the Serie A season. Now, Inter had already captured two trophy, Italian Cup and Serie A title. Inter had won five times in row for the Serie A title.

Congratulations for all the Inter players who had been tremendous week in week out. Inter at the start of the season already signalled their intentions to conquer not just Italy but Europe. They sign Lucio, Sneider, Milito and Eto. And all the new signings had been superb. Milito had been proven to be a world class striker partners upfront with eto. Sneider who earlier being sold by Real Madrid to make way for Kaka, Ronaldo and new Galacticos project by Perez trully stunning as he showed how good he is in the midfield playmaker position. Lucio, sold by Van Gaal (Bayern Munich) has set up an incredible defense with Walter Samuel at the back and critics had even hailed them as the best partnership in defense. Drogba, Zlatan, Ronaldinho, Messi, all had failed when come face to face with these two players. But clearly the mastermind of all Mourinho. He once again show how good he really is in applying tactical football. I admit that, Inter might not play beautifully like Arsenal or score magnificent goals like Pep' Barcelona players did, but Mourinho make sure that Inter players get the job done and that is winning.

Now, the journey to become the first Italian club achieving treble is near to the finish. The conquest of the trophy in Italy had finished. Only one more cup to battle for. And that is the Champions League. Inter will face Bayern Munich next Saturday in Madrid. If and i really feel that Inter will win the Champions League, Inter will enter the best club in Europe which had achieved treble in the football history. Inter will make their name in the football hall of fame. Forza Inter.

p/s.. I don't care what the speculation buzzing around Mourinho's future. He had done tremendous job at Inter. If he choose to leave, Inter fan will always remember and salute him. I respect every decision he will make about his future. It is his choice if he accept the role at Real Madrid. Futhermore, which manager can say no to Real Madrid post ? maybe Pep of Barcelona.Or Ferguson.Owh.I had to finish my work quickly. Damn..

Inter Milan is the best..Forza Inter. Forza Inter. Forza Inter. Forza Inter

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