Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just a sec for NBA fan

I know not many my regular reader follow NBA or simply basketball. My friends know already that i am fan of this although i did not play the game but what the heck. i want to write about it anyway.okay, here goes. This couple of weeks, two big stories had emerged. One stories had emerged i guess since last year and will never stop until this July. The story about where is Le Bron James going after this july. Let me put it this way. LeBron is like a sugar and nowadays sugar is very important and expensive but everyone want sugar right.So, this july, that 'sugar' will be available for everyone. Everyone who have money can try and buy that 'sugar'. That sugar also can choose to stay at its old place or go somewhere else. This sugar is proven the future of NBA. Get it. The most likely destination for LeBron are New York Knicks, New Jersey Nets and Chicago Bulls. Chicago is the home of Jordan. Nets is just being bought by Russian Tycoon so they will have a lot of money. Knicks is about prestige, playing at the best city in the world, New York.
Some people might ask, why don't LeBron go to Lakers, they already have Kobe Bryant, the best closer basketball player of his generations. Well, the reason is that. They already have Kobe. Surely LeBron don't want to be under the shadow of Kobe and want to prove that he can do it all by himself. Trust me, basketball player is selfish and arrogant. They need to be like that. They must be that way so that they can achieve greater success. It's like this, people just remember the one who kill the dragon not the one who made the journey to the dragon's lair. So, that's it. Just remember, Coming July, American will be waiting and buzzing about LeBron James stories. That's how big sport is.All American even Obama himself.

Now, about the second story, it's about the NBA Finals which finally decided this morning when Lakers finally beat the Suns and set up a meeting with Celtics. yes, The Los Angeles Lakers will face The Boston Celtics. It's like two most powerful figure in NBA facing each other for another time. Their history can't be compared to any other clubs. Boston had won 17 while Lakers won 16. Boston beat Lakers 2 years ago. Lakers won the trophy last year. So, this year it will be a revenge. It's about 2 cities. Yes, Red Sox and Yankees can be truly called the best rivalry across town between Boston and New York but this one is not far from that. Los Angeles and Boston people had been crave for this, they had seen it time and time again and always wish to see it another time.
The final of NBA will start this 4th June. If want to watch it, be prepared at early morning.This Friday morning the game will start. Basketball is a fun game to watch. The athleticism,spirit and the play by basketball player is really exciting. Do watch.

I guess that's all for now. till next time.

p/s got 2 more world cup group to bored by Sunday night . No good show on telly. better off watching some sitcom.or some old movies.

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