Tuesday, May 11, 2010


What is the meaning of perfect?

Perfect game in football. How do people define that? If the match ended with 4-4 is that what we called perfect game when many goals scored? For me, it does not matter what the score turned out to be. If the match only have one goal or doesn't have any goals but the match was full with flair shown by the players of the highest quality, still that match can be considered a perfect game.

A perfect game in baseball is when the pitcher does not have any runs, any hit for the whole game.Well that is for baseball. In football, if the match does not have any goals and any shot on target, that match is dull and quite possibly ridiculous as in modern football it is impossible to have not shots on goals or on target.

Perfect car? Honda Civic type -R? or Mercedes 3 series ? some people might considered BMW ? maybe Toyota Prius. Well some people considered a perfect car is the car that is unique and rare. Like Ferrari or Roll Royce. But hey, i can never afforded that kind of car in this lifetime. For me the perfect car is what the car offered you. What the car and you create the memories that will make your life richer. It's okay if the car does not have the speed of Mitsubishi Lancer GTR or the slick interior like Honda Accord but the car and you feel satisfied whenever you go.

Perfect house? Obviously the house where you grown up. The house where we were born and raised. Enough said already. i don't what others said but for me that is the perfect house. yes, my house is not big like others. Does not have aircond like others. My room is small but still comfortable. Does not have large TV like 40 inch Plasma TV or something just a nice tv that can be watch every now and then. Still, my house is the perfect house for me. For the future? i myself will reshape my perfect house with my own family.

Perfect lifestyle? it's too subjective. Every person has their own opinions.Maybe for some, the perfect lifestyle is the one where one person being cornered with branded gadget, cool friends that hang out at starbuck or kopitiam and at weekend go some expensive club. For me, perfect lifestyle is the lifestyle that i currently have. hang out with friends at some places. Not too expensive. I even hang out at a stall just beside a road and guess what a railway tracks. i don't have cool gadget like others. i only have a Samsung handphone (given by my mother) and old Acer laptop, previously used by my sisters.As long as that laptop can be used to do my work(typing and watching muvies) and hp to call and sms . that's enough already for me. i do not chase some cool branded gadgets because i know my limits. Yes, i tempted with Macbook , Alienware, Vaio, iPhone and others but financially, i can't afford it so i just let it slip with a dream.Maybe someday i will be able to own them.For now, i just happy with whatever stuff i own. Grateful for what i have.

Perfect job ? Job that is interest us and can give satisfaction in our life. I can't really say much about this as i yet experience it.

Perfect university? UTP?UDM?UPM? All have flaws. All have memories.All have strengths.For me there is no such thing as perfect universities. The students make up the universities.Not the other way around.

So, that's it. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. What more can i say? Right?or maybe i just wrong. But we ourself the judge of own life. So, let it be that way.


  1. but...nobody perfect...
    tp kte cube m'jd yg t'baik dlm hdup kte spya smuanye nmpk perfect...;)

  2. tp iphone best...heheheh
    nway...i agreed with you that as long as we can text n call people ...that is just fine...n fadhilah...that's rite...we're not perfect but we are trying to be perfect...huhhhu =)

  3. fadilah - betul tue..terbaik tidak selalunya perfect

  4. zu - ipohone bukan sahaja best..the best phone.second to none..imperfect makes us perfect


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