Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Good Morning..I got to say, it was one hell of a sleep last night.For a couple of nights, i had been watching tv a lot and last night, i got enough sleep, comfortable and today, woke up in a great spirit.
And to add to that feeling, i open tv and there is Yankees playing this morning. They are facing Baltimore Orioles.Up to this moment, the Yankees are winning by 4 runs to 1. It's been quite a month for the Yankees as the season started a month ago.The players are gaining the momentum and the most productive player so far for them is Robinson Cano.His stat is leading the baseball and confidence is sky high.

Many people asking me, what is so fun watching baseball? It's game of nothing some said.Too long and boring.I admit sometime the game can be too long and too boring without any much action but i guess it goes the same with any sports in the world. Criket for example, nothing much about this game and the score is ridiculously difficult to understand. Baseball is a game about mentaliti and tactics. It's about confidence and a lot of luck. The manager gamble each game, put trust on the players who step up on the plate hoping for the perfect ball hit their bat. It's been 2 years since i started following this game and i must say, i found it very interesting and i hate to say it, i loved watching baseball.

 It's pity since baseball is not that popular here in our country.Next semester i will be learning softball.It's much alike baseball but have slighly difference.The obvious one is the ball which is bigger than baseball. Well, i can't wait to play some game and start hitting that bat.

Okay, that's all for the time being.Goten Morgen..Tonight will be special..Kelantan vs Pahang


  1. pahang menangggggggg

  2. puspawangi - takkk.Kelate meneeeeeeeeeee


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