Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tactical View

Okay, today i feel like to write in English.As there will be just a month from now to get back to UPM, my english have to be polished. So, let's talk about football. Yes, football matter in conjuction with the World Cup that is happening right now.

The favourite team in this world cup have yet to show their true potential. Perhaps only Germany show the world they are sit among the best with the win over Aussie. As i watch that match, almost half of Germany team are made up of Bayern Munich players. Bastian, Klose, Badstuber, Muller, Lahm, Mario Gomez and Podolski(although this season he played with Koln). So, As they all come from the same side, it's not suprising that they played with fluid and high work rate. Just look at the Klose goal and Muller goal. It's seem that it's been forever they played together. I guess, it's a big advantage to have your teammate in the national side. In that match, Klose and Podolski, time and time again unsettled the Aussie defends as the supply from the midfield and wing keep pouring in. Some people said football is a team effort and Germany had showed that. Their team does not made up with superstar name. Just enough young quality player that really know how to play the tactics from the manager. Ballack is not missed that much by them. Yes, it's just one game but if they can keep up that performance, they surely can improve and maybe level the achievement they had last 4 years. Comparing to Holland, France or Argentina, all these team were supposedly beat comfortably their opponent but unfortunately, they fail to do that.

Holland, for example, the master of total football seem lacking the firepower although their midfield filled with starstudded player. Sneider and Van Der Vaart failed to mastermind bigger win. Van Persie seem to lost a little bit and alone as a striker.For me, they should win by bigger margin. It's just not enough to win by 2 goals only and one of them was an own goal by Denmark player.

Argentina, that being predicted to have the most notorious strike force with the likes of Tevez, Aguerro, Millito, Higuain, Messi still can not make the critics love them. Yet, Messi had shown how he was elected the best player in the world in that match. If not for the Nigeria goal keeper, Messi should have had hatrick. But beside from him, the midfield is still lacking.Veron is lacking in passing. They need their midfield to be creative to supply the upfront. Higuain at time seem to alone and jsut wandering looking for a ball.

France in the other hand look like still searching for the rhythm. Their players look short of innovative. The midfield and striker did not sync correctly and they need to raise their bar for the next two games in order to past the group stage.

Last night, Italy, the reigning World Cup holder showed aging squad. They just relied on long ball to past through the Paraguay defence. In just a matter of luck that they draw in that game. They need someone in the middle to boss the field and mastermind the attacking plan. Marchisio is still lack in experience, Montolivo does not suit to be in the center whereas he should be playing in the winger.

Portugal, Brazil and Spain have yet to play and can't wait to see what they will offer to the world. Oh yes, England. What can i say about England. Same old story years and years. Goalkeeper. Lampard and Gerrard do not link with each other and Rooney can not repeat his performance like with Man Utd. England, what a waste of talent.

But, we have to remember, football is about winning. Maybe some said that football is a beautiful game. But if we played beautiful and still does not win, would it be a waste right? All that matter after the final whistle is to win 3 points. Does not matter your team rely on individuals (just like Maradona did in 1986, or Rossi did for Italy in 1982) or team efforts (like Italy in 2006, France 1998). At the end of the day, it's just another game to be won. i admit sometimes i angry as a fan i want to watch beautiful slick passing game with goals but then realize, 1-0, 2-0 or 4-3, it does not matter, they , the players are professional, they had given their all, and winning is all that count.

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