Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just another number

What is a number actually for us all?

Why is number really important to each one of us in every detail of our life?

Well, the answer to that is because, everything is made up of numbers. We wake up, we eat, we bath, we working, we watching, we sleep. All using numbers. Whether it is a big number, or simply just a small amount of numbers.

There is series in AXN where a genius Math prof used numbers to track down criminal and solve cases thus help the FBI. That show is called numbers.

Every year, each one of us will celebrate our birthday. And that makes each year we all had grown older and matured one way or another. Each year as we celebrating our birthday, we had to come noticing the mistake we had make all year long and the promises and dream we hope to pursuit in the future. At the end of the day, birthday is just another number. Another reason the mind reminded us that the body clock is ticking.

So, in the end, what is birthday to each and everyone of us?

p/s anyhow...Happy birthday to me..hhhahaha.What a year had been.i felt like it's been such a long journey looking back at times but all those years that gone by, sometimes it's felt the times had suck every breath i take but sometimes it felt like the world is too big for me to keep on dreaming. Well, whatever. Just another year. Just another number.Thanks dear for the wish.


  1. happy birthdaay !!!
    btw, cute ngat anok pattung atah kek tu...
    beli ktne ow..nok beli gop se er


  2. izzah - hahah.ade tue jual kat timesquare.beli lah se..nok gok.simpan atas meja.hahah


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