Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lenovo sepam

Yesterday one of the happiest moment in my life happpened.It’s been a while since I bought something new ( expensive). As long as I can remember, the last time I bought something in the range of thousands ringgit was in 2002 when I got the first scholarship money from Petronas and I bought myself a new desktop pc. That pc lasted for the next 4 years. Sadly in the second semester in UDM that PC broke down real bad and there’s nothing more I can do to fix it.
Yesterday, I bought myself  a new laptop.  From the largest IT mall in Malaysia, Low Yatt Plaza. The price range? Well, I just bought something not too expensive. Just looking for something according to need not for the style or performance. Lucky for me, I got myself a new Lenovo laptop. For those who unfamilliar with this brand, this brand is internationally recognize and they even collabrate with IBM so the quality is quite renowned in the world of technology. So, what I can say is that, I realy grateful and satisfied with what I got. A deep and thousands thanks to my parents and my sisters. Really grateful to this laptop. I consider this new laptop as my birthday presents and it surely one of the best gift I had received in recent years.Thank you.
So now. The next 2 week  will be a crazy one. Firstly, on 9th Aug I will be having my first test ( I think). On 11th ( I suppose) all muslim will start fasting as Ramadhan begin and on 14th will be heading to Damansara to watch some freaking German movies. Every semester had to go to Damansara and watch some German movies. I guess by the end of next year, I will be German in and out.And finally, the cherry on the top of the sundae of August, on 20th , I will be flying home. Really looking forward to that. So that’s it. And, in the 6th and 7th week, many test will be conducted.
I guess that’s all for now. Now at Taman Melati at my friends’ house. Waiting to see the CSI trilogy tonight. Just the replay since I missed last week. Really looking forward to watch all the CSI combine together.


  1. jelesnye dpt tgok csi trilogy.....

  2. nk kate ak tharu bleh dop bce post ni...huhuhuhu

  3. yana - best nie csi

    taq - hehehe.terharu ke?


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