Sunday, August 22, 2010


Last time out it was German which was really hard to consume. Now, new subject, it called phonetics. Really stressful and really blur. Don't know what to do, to read, to mumble anymore. Does not wish for an A for this subject. Would be really grateful if pass only.

Just look at the pic below, how the hell we are going to know which word or letter or symbol by knowing the place and manner of all the articulators?
And the best of all, need to transcribe many words into something else. Just imagine need to understand all the sound and symbols and spit it all out and combine with other subject and principle for transcribing.Really tired. i don't know why i really bad at this. I really tried. but still could not absorb it.

Well, don't look a glass half empty but half full right? One subject blur another subject to cover. Focus on Communication assignment which is really long and a lot.

Anyway. Happy fasting to all.


  1. Serabut dooh nge subjek ni. mari kito pakat katok salar blako...wat lepah geram...hahaha...

  2. ehh..ak nk smbg master in phonetics la..bijok jah sero...kah3

  3. ainul - molek jugok tue.koya jah natam tue

    taq - master? hahaha.belit lidah sapa ko alveolar la.haha.


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