Sunday, August 1, 2010


A tree is consist with 2 main part. The root and the upper part.In grammar there is also a tree. A tree that need to be done and sent to lecturer. In the world of ICT today, lecturer still insist in handwriting. But in fact, drawing a grammar tree is better using hand than using computer. So what is tree in grammar. for example. the word " lovely" consist of love and affixes -ly. love is noun class added to suffix -ly than the new word 'lovely' is adverb class or adjective. So that's it, some insight view of the constituent structure.

p/s some short writings about the assignment that needed to be done.but the truth is, i just bored although just finish watching CSI and successfully be able to download and hopefully be able to play one of the game that for years i had been searching - ROME  Total war.

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