Saturday, October 2, 2010

If love is the answer, can you please repeat the question?

People said that love is blind. Maybe in some way love is actually blind. In case of university students where on the average age are around 19- 23 years old, love come fast. And at this fast pace, sometimes they themselves does not realize and can become confused with this love feeling. Falling in love in university’s time can be good if lovers can manage and control their feeling accordingly. There are some cases where the love that people perceive is actually just a random confused feeling toward friends and sometimes on behalf of the sex hormones. Love can be a good motivator. For let say, if a boy fall in love with a girl in his class, the boy might want to come to that particular class everyday and might even want to study real hard to impress the one he loves. But there are always two sides of the coin. Just like the saying above, love is blind and sometimes people get blind with love. When couples get separated or break up, they tend to hurt themselves and this is the main cause that affects students’ academic progress. For me, I think student should be professionalism toward education. We cannot stop ourselves from loving someone but we can control the damage we done when we break up. We can control our own life and we can’t let other people manage our own life. However, in term of love in university, there are some cases where some nasty people take advantage of this feeling. For example, because they fall in love deeply, they tend to forget their friends and waste money, thus creating a difficult future for themselves. To conclude, I still think that when comes to love and educations, people should be professional.


berkata-kata lah sesuka hati....

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