Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It seem like my english had gone from bad to worse.And still i called myself an english bachelor student. Really really need to polish some old dusty mind and clear some rubbish lexicons and then put it some of the new hope of improving English, spoken and written. Well, the year is coming to the end in the next month so maybe can wish for the new resolution for that thing. For now, let's just finish up what had already broken. But people always said it's never too late to turn on the new leaf. But in my conditions, there's already too many leaves and now i seem did not know which one to turn on. Well, what the heck, let's just pretend the world will end tomorrow so that we will be happy with what we have right now.
So, this time i actually got nothing to say but since i finally got the connection so i figured out that it would be a waste not to blog. I also notice that many of my friends had updated their blog regularly now.Good for them and i will try my best to match with all of you.
Okay this time, i would like to talk about one of the most addicted game in this earth.Well, that statement would be overrated to those CS hardcore but maybe the most addicted game for football lovers.The Football Manager is return. And now the latest series , FM 2011 had already out. Lucky for me, one of my friends already bought the DVD so i just borrowed from him. This latest game had updated the players database and have improve with some new features included. The most notable one is the player agent. Yes, it seem now for the manager to buy or sign players, they have to deal with the agents, just like in the real world.Well, just finished the first season with Inter and managed to defend the treble.Forza Inter.

So what i like about the new FM? the first is of course the database for the Malaysian league had been improved a lot. Kelantan is called Red Warrior now in the game and all the name seem 90% true with the real world. But still the positioning of some of the players are wrong and need some tweaking. After this will try to manage Kelantan.This game will be useful for me in the upcoming semester break beside MLB2k10.
i guess that's all for now.Got to sleep early tonight. Tomorrow hoping to get up early to read as on Thursday, Friday and Saturday , i got to sit for my papers.
Good Luck to All and Good Night

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