Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Top. Flop, Surprise , Villain, Hero of footballing world

It's the end of the year. And it's been one heck of year in the world of football around us. Especially for the fan in Malaysia. For this time around i would like to compile some of the thought about what's going on for the whole 2010 involving football.

First let's start with the Top. Who or which team had been the top in this year?
Top Manager - Some might argue that Vicente Del Bosque deserve to be crowned the top manager as he lead Spain to the World Cup. But for me, i would prefer Jose "Special One" Mourinho to be the top manager of 2010. Why? He lead Inter to treble. Some argue that Serie A is not compatative as EPL or La Liga but still Roma, Ac Milan and Juventus are legitimate team to be feared all around Europe. What make Mourinho top? He dictate Inter to Champion League glory by beating mighty Chelsea, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. And then he takes over Real Madrid. This year, have to be Mourinho's year.
*noted..Kelantan also the top team for this year after finally won the Malaysia Cup. Malaysia team also worth to be included as the finally won the gold medal in the Asean Cup and today will be heading to the first leg of Suzuki Cup final.

Top Player - Well, Messi right now argubaly the greatest player in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo is second to none on that list.But for me, the top player for this year have to be Eto. Why is that? beside leading Inter to treble in May this year. He again add Italian Supercup and Club World Cup. In Mourinho term, Eto had been one hell of Machine. He might not score a lot of goal but he helped the team. He even played as right back. And under Benitez term, Eto found his goal scoring touch again. He had been Inter leading scorer for the first half of Serie A. For me , Eto is the top player for the year 2010.

Now.let see on the flop. Flop of this year.
Well, in my opinion, there are some teams and players that had to be awarded as flop of the year.

Liverpool obviously  one of the flop of this year. Last season failed to even qualify for Champions League. The Benitez resignation and this season they still hard to find the winning touch and consistency.
Italy and France are the flop of this year's world cup in South Africa.
Ronaldinho once being awarded the world best player. But this year, he had been nowhere near the form he used to demonstrate while he was in Nou Camp. He's being lazy, out of idea and sometimes too greedy. Entering the January transfer, the 30 year player had been rumoured to be sold to his old club in Brazil.

Suprise me.
The biggest suprise in the world of football this year would be the World Cup that will be held in Qatar and Russia. Many expert said that FIFA have made a wrong decision awarding these 2 country the world cup right.
Khairul Fahmy , the number one keeper in Kelantan and probably in Malaysia right now had been a revelation this year. At the start of this year, he was supposedly the third keeper for Kelantan. But as Syed Adney poor form added with Shahrizan injury, Khairul Fahmi or Apek had been given the opportunity to guard the post. Remarkably, he did a great job. He is one of the key player that helped Kelantan win Malaysia Cup and Malaysia entered the Suzuki Cup final tonight.

The Villain or the antagonist.
On top of my head probably had to name Rafa Benitez. Looked at Liverpool last season before he was given mutual termination by the Liverpool board. Looked at Inter this season before being sacked few days ago. He seems in habit of blaming everyone else. At Liverpool he blame the board. At Inter he blame injury and President for not backing him by buying more players.
FAM..trully the Villain of Malaysia's footballing world. Many of FAM action did not reflecting the true image that supposedly being shown by the highest football organization in our country. Some of FAM actions toward Kelantan were bias and cruel. The price of Malaysia cup ticket, the ban of Sathianathan, the punishment of fan reaction are just some of the example of FAM action. FAM have to be the Villain for this year.

Lastly we came to the Hero of footballing world.
B.Sathianathan have to be the Hero for Kelantan team this year. He had received many cursing when Kelantan did not perform but still he had faith in his team and he had done tremendous job in the final of Malaysia Cup by encouraging all of his player to overturn the one goal defisit and  then beating Negeri Sembilan by 2 goal and won the coveted trophy.
Another Hero had to go to Diego Forlan. For all his work with Atletico Madrid which they won the Europa League this year and helping Uruguay in the world cup single handedly. Forlan showed to the world that he had to be recognize as one of the top strikers in the world.

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